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All Automaton enemies in Helldivers 2

The Automatons are a dangerous robotic force in Helldivers 2, so learn about them here and you can turn them to scrap.

The Automatons are robotic deviants in Helldivers 2. They've pushed into Super Earth territory and are every Helldivers dream, or nightmare. If you want to spread democracy across the system, you'll need to battle these hunks of metal.

We've got every Automaton you can expect, so you're ready to take them out when your Hellpod lands.

Every Automaton in Helldivers 2

  • Trooper: This basic Automaton in Helldivers 2 is essentially a robot with a gun. It has a small machine gun equipped that can do some serious damage if you aren't careful. Just stick to cover and take them out with a precise headshot or a cool explosion.
    • Raider: Automaton infantry, but with a rocket launcher.
    • Marauder: Automaton infantry, but with cannons.
  • Commissar: Armed with a pistol and a sword for an arm, the Commissar is an Automaton leader in Helldivers 2. They typically stay out of battle, and are the primary bot that calls for a dropship on your location. Take them out the same way you would a Trooper before they bring in reinforcements.
  • Scout Strider: This Automaton in Helldivers 2 is a powerful walker, driven by a basic Trooper. It is equipped with a dangerous turret that can rip you to shreds. Armor-piercing weapons can drop them, but your best bet is to flank behind it and simply shoot the Trooper.
  • Berserker: This large Automaton in Helldivers 2 is absolutely barbaric. It has chainsaws for arms and plenty of armor. Stay away from them and shoot from a distance. Their stomach and faces are small, but weakpoints ready for your bullets.
  • Devastator: The standard Devastator has cannons on its arms and is protected by medium armor. They're a bit more defensive than the Berserker. This Helldivers 2 Automaton is only open in its face for damage. A bit slow, they can fire upon you from range, so cover is your friend here. Heavy weaponry to the limbs or head will down them.
    • Heavy: A Devastator, but with machine guns and shields.
    • Rocket: A Devastator, but with shoulder mounted multi-rocket launchers.
  • Hulk: If you see a Hulk Automaton in Helldivers 2, run. The standard versions is bad enough, with autocannons and rocket launchers. They're heavily armored, with only their head and back available for you to hurt. A Railgun can make quick work of it, otherwise catch it with a Stratagem that drops a bomb.
    • Flame: A Hulk, but equipped with a flamethrower.
    • Rocket: A Hulk, but equipped with a larger rocket pod.
  • Tank: The Tank is exactly what you think it is. It is a large vehicle that has a 360 degree field of view. It comes with a heavy cannon, which can be a weakpoint, alongside the vents on its back. You can climb on top to avoid its fire and deal damage. Or you can blow it up with whatever you've got. Just be advised, once it is defeated, it self-destructs.
    • HMG: The HMG Tank variation stands for "heavy machine gun." Instead of a cannon, it has a rapid-firing machine gun that can tear through outpost walls, or Helldiver bodies.
  • Dropship: This Automaton delivery unit in Helldivers 2 is massive. You won't miss it as it flies into the scene, dropping a wave of robots down to attack you. They're fast, but you can destroy them with a Recoilless Rifle or Disposable Anti-Tank Weapon. Aim for the thrusters and they'll crash down to the planet, destroying all Automatons on board.

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