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How to get Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2

Premium Warbonds are the paid for Battle Pass of Helldivers 2. Let us tell you how you can gain access to it.

Helldivers 2 has its own version of a Battle Pass, where you can gain rewards through Warbonds and Premium Warbonds. One is a free track and the other requires you to spend some of the in-game currency to unlock it.

It's really simple, but we'll walk you through the necessary steps so that you can kit out your Helldiver with even more goodies through Premium Warbonds.

How to access the Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2

In your Acquisition Center in Helldivers 2, you'll be able to view the Warbonds tab, Superstore tab, and Super Credits tab. The first is the one we'll talk about here.

Immediately, you'll see the basic Warbonds section. You will earn medals as you play Helldivers 2, with harder difficulties and the completion of more side objectives granting additional medals.

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Spend your medals in the Warbonds tab to unlock Boosters, new armor, and powerful weapons. As you spend certain amounts of medals, additional pages will unlock with even more rewards to earn.

Premium Warbonds have the same premise, but cost Super Credits. Here's how to unlock the Premium Warbonds track in Helldivers 2:

  1. Open your Acquisition Center
  2. Scroll down past the basic Warbonds option to find Premium Warbonds
  3. Unlock the Premium Warbonds section by spending 1,000 Super Credits
  4. Spend your medals here as you would in the main Warbonds list to obtain greater rewards

That's all there is to it. There are three Premium Warbonds pages in Helldivers 2. You need to spend 60 medals to unlock Page 2 and 200 medals to unlock Page 3.

How to get Super Credits in Helldivers 2

If you're wondering how to get Super Credits to unlock the Premium Warbonds in Helldivers 2, we've got you covered. Super Credits are the game's premium currency. Think of them as the Helldivers 2 version of V-Bucks.

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

That means you have to spend real money if you want to obtain some quickly. Otherwise, there are other methods available that will take some work:

  • Purchase Super Credits in the Super Credits store
    • 150 for $1.99
    • 375 for $4.99
    • 1000 for $9.99
    • 2100 for $19.99
  • Find small amounts of Super Credits, typically in hidden areas, during missions
  • Unlock Super Credits with medals through the free Warbonds pages
(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

If you don't want to open your wallet to Helldivers 2, just look for Super Credits on the planets where you spread democracy. Or just make it a goal to gather enough for the Premium Warbonds section by spending your medals in the free one.

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