Exosuits are coming to the frontline in Helldivers 2 cover image

Exosuits are coming to the frontline in Helldivers 2

Ready for titanfall, uh I mean, helldive

Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers of the smash hit Helldivers 2, have confirmed that exosuits, or mechs, are coming to the fight for Super Earth soon. But what exactly are these stompy mechs and when is soon?

When do Helldivers 2 exosuits come out?

In a tweet posted on March 5, the official Helldivers 2 Twitter page posted a propaganda style poster showcasing the upcoming exosuits. According to the tweet, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits will be “ready for deployment on the battlefield soon”.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official date on when these reinforcements will be sent out to fight for liberty. Meaning, we have no idea when this update will drop. However, since the buzz for Helldivers is at an all-time high, it seems likely that Arrowhead will release this update in the next couple of weeks.

What will the exosuits do?

Based on the numerous leaks that have come out recently, we know a fair deal about the Exosuits and how they’ll operate. None of this information is official, so skip this if you want to avoid potential spoilers.

The exosuit will likely be useable as a stratagem that arrives via dropship. The player will be able to jump in the back to stomp on bugs and bots for a while. The exosuit may also have fun weapons like grenade launchers. Since the exosuit will likely be mega-overpowered, it will also likely have a limited battery life to make sure the gameplay of Helldivers 2 is balanced. The only thing that we don’t know for sure is if the Exosuit gets a cape. Please give it a cape.

What's next for Helldivers 2?

So far, the two-front war against the Terminids and the Automatons is still raging on. The next update for Helldivers will bring us exosuits and potential new stratagems, but may also bring new threats from Super Earth’s enemies.

Helldivers will have a new weapon in their arsenal (Image via PlayStation on YouTube)
Helldivers will have a new weapon in their arsenal (Image via PlayStation on YouTube)

Other leaks have suggested that this may not be the only new tech coming to the battlefield. Something like Halo’s Warthog vehicle could be coming to the game in the near future as well. Though we don’t know exactly when the exosuit update is dropping, we do know that our brave Helldivers will continue to fight for Managed Democracy against our enemies (and Joel)!

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