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The Finals Light Build: Best weapons and loadout

The best Light build in The Finals will allow you to get in and out of a location with speed, and dispatch your enemies just as fast.

The Finals is a first-person shooter that pits multiple teams of three against each other. Its modes see you placed in a virtual arena where grabbing cash is the goal. There are three loadout types you can choose from, and we've got the best Light build in The Finals for you.

The Light class focuses on run-and gun attacks alongside stealth actions. The counterparts are Medium, a support class, and Heavy, a fortification and demolition setup. If you want to dominate as a Light build player in The Finals, pay close attention.

The best Light Build in The Finals

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Each build in The Finals comes with a Specialization, a weapon, three gadgets, and then Reserve slots for one more weapon and three more gadgets.

As you start playing, you'll earn points that allow you to unlock new items for each category. We highly recommend you grind them out so you can get your hands on what you need for the best Light build.


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  • Evasive Dash: A few quick dashes to close distance or dodge out of harm's way.

You'll want to start by picking Evasive Dash for your Specialization. The grappling hook and cloaking ability can be fun, but if you want to secure wins, Evasive Dash is what you need.

You get three charges that replenish over time. Use them to dash to cover, towards an opponent, or even upward to reach high places.


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(Screenshot via
  • M11: Fast-firing, fully automatic machine pistol.

The M11 is the default Light build weapon in The Finals, and it is absolutely the best. While the XP-54 SMG has more range, the M11 does the same damage with a higher capacity magazine.

You're going to be up close and personal when fighting as a Light category contestant, so it makes sense to be able to dish out as much damage as possible. Having that extra ammo means you won't get caught reloading before finishing your opponent off.


  • Pyro Grenade: Thrown projectile that starts a fire in the area where it explodes; contestants in an area that is burning will take damage.
  • Flashbang: Thrown projectile that disorients, blinds, and deafens nearby players; can be thrown underhand or overhand.
  • Breaching Charge: Highly destructive deployable explosive that can be remotely detonated.

The Pyro Grenade is the perfect weapon to deal chip damage or block off a location. Use it to prevent enemies from entering a room or stealing a cashout.

The Flashbang, paired with Evasive Dash, is perfect for surprise attacks. Throw one out to blind an opposing player, then dash in and catch them off guard.

Lastly, you'll want to pick the Breaching Charge for your Light build in The Finals. It can be used to set traps, prevent cashouts, and destroy structures to essentially create a new doorway for you to enter a building.


  • SH1900: Double-barrel shotgun with a wide spread.
  • Goo Grenade: Thrown projectile that explodes into several blobs of good, which solidify on impact; can be thrown underhand or overhand.
  • Smoke Grenade: Thrown projectile that emits smoke when it explodes, blocking lines of sight and extinguishing fire.
  • Frag Grenade: Thrown projectile that explodes shortly after release; can be thrown underhand or overhand.

Once you've been eliminated and are waiting to respawn or be revived, you can switch to your Reserve loadout. This is a great way to adjust your strategy or adapt to whatever the other teams are throwing at you.

Your Reserve weapon for your Light build in The Finals should be the SH1900. If you're getting close, but your machine pistol isn't doing the job, swap it out for the double-barrel shotgun. It does huge damage with just one hit.

For your Reserve gadgets, you'll want to pick the Goo Grenade, Smoke Grenade, and Frag Grenade. Always keep your Pyro Grenade and Breaching Charge with you. Swap out the Flashbang for any of the Reserve grenades to keep things fresh.

Tips for using the best Light Build weapons and loadout in The Finals

Choosing the best weapons and loadout for your Light build in The Finals is just the start. You'll need to know how to utilize it properly. Here are some basic tips so that you can get the most out of it:

  • Don't dash directly at enemies, but rather use multiple dashes at different angles to get behind them.
  • Start your push with a Pyro Grenade, which will allow you to take out multiple enemies with the M11 or SH1900 if you deal fire damage.
  • Don't be afraid to support your team outside of battle. Your speed allows you to take revive trophies or vaults and get to safety.
  • Use your entire loadout to disrupt and distract. If you can initiate the fight, deal a bit of damage, and dash away to cover, your teammates can swoop in to defeat the opposing players as their focus remains on you.

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