The Finals is packed with skins you can equip to your weapons, equipment, and contestant, with unlockable and purchasable items galore.

The Finals may be free-to-play, but there are plenty of microtransactions available to let you deck out your inventory and contestant. Just about every item and character have skins that you can equip in The Finals.

When you earn new items, you'll receive a preview of them. After proceeding forward, you can head to your contestant and customize them accordingly. From there, you'll be able to equip the skins you've unlocked in the game.

How can you equip skins in The Finals?

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The steps to equipping skins in The Finals are very simple. Follow them and you can make your character look as cool or as goofy as your inventory allows:

  1. Boot up The Finals
  2. Press the Edit button that appears underneath your contestant on the main menu
  3. Navigate to the item you'd like to customize and press the Customize button
  4. Select the skin you'd like to equip and press the button that says Equip on your respective platform to the right
  5. Move from the Loadout screen to the Style screen to equip any contestant skins rather than weapon and equipment skins

Your weapons and items have fun skins you can add, as well as your player character. The contestant has outfits, body features, headwear, facewear, and so much more available. Of course, you'll have to acquire the skins in The Finals to equip them.

How to earn currency in The Finals?

While some skins and accessories are unlocked with basic progression in The Finals, others will require you shell out some money. The in-game currency is known as Multibucks and can either be purchased or earned.

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The Battle Pass will cost you, but does reward you with Multibucks a variety of times as you grind through it. There are also a couple of free tiers in the Battle Pass that deliver Multibucks.

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(Screenshot via

Otherwise, you'll have to head to the Multibucks shop and purchase them with real money. It is a premium currency, so if you want to buy your favorite skin in The Finals, you'll have to grab your credit card.

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