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What is The Finals, answered

Sick of Call of Duty? The Finals might be exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s look at what you need to know about this hot, new shooter.

First-person shooters come and go, but it seems Embark's cash-based team FPS The Finals is here to stay. But what is it and how does it work?

With such a wide variety of FPS titles to play in the gaming landscape, The Finals separates itself by introducing elements not used by competitors. Classes are different in The Finals and lean into a more simplistic but impactful design that can shape how you experience all the mayhem. Here's the rundown of what you need to know before dropping into the digital pit.

What is The Finals?

<em>Buildings are no match for your explosives. Credit: Embark</em>
Buildings are no match for your explosives. Credit: Embark

The Finals drop three players in a high-intensity and explosive arena shooter, where players can don various weapons to eliminate opponents from other teams. The ultimate goal depends on the selected game mode. However, each one will incorporate collecting the most money.

There are three game modes to test out once you’ve installed The Finals. Each focuses on building your bank to differing heights before the timer hits zero. Players can also look forward to destructible environments and gas canisters left all over the place, set for a collision course toward the wall in front or at an opponent down a narrow hallway.

For those looking to collect every skin imaginable; yes, there are cosmetics. Players can spend real-life cash to add some color to their characters. Or a cat, on your shoulder (and wearing a tinfoil hat?) if you roll like that.

What game modes are in The Finals?

The Finals has three game modes to dive into. Players can get their The Finals fix by playing Quick Cash, Bank It, and the Unranked or Ranked version of Tournament Mode. Players will constantly be banking money, or attempting to collect as much cash as possible.

Each game mode has its own unique spin on the money-based element of The Finals. Depending on which game mode someone plays, gamers can expect to join forces with two other teammates and battle against three to four other squads. In most game modes, players will have to deposit large amounts of cash while opponents attempt to complete the transaction. This leads to bloody battles and intense gameplay.

The game modes of The Finals have different max scores, changing the length of time spent within each map. This paired with a change from best of one to three can provide drastically differing experiences in intensity and match length. There is also a Practice mode for players looking to bolster their skill set before jumping into the harder game modes.

What characters can you choose in The Finals?

Each has its own play style.
Each has its own play style.

There are three different classes to choose from in The Finals. These include:

Light Build

A Light build in The Finals provides a quick-paced playstyle where knives and SMGs are a player's best friend. This goes hand in hand with lower health, making it essential to keep yourself moving and integral to pick your battles wisely.

Medium Build

The Medium build in The Finals is the more supportive element of the three available. Players picking this character should expect more health than their Light build counterparts and slower speeds. However, compared to their Heavy build compatriots, they can still escape a dangerous situation if need be. 

Heavy Build

The Heavy build in The Finals is the juggernaut of the squad that boasts significantly more health. On the flip side, players will be undeniably slower compared to the other types of characters. The sheer size of the Heavy build is essential when employing a more destructive tactic.

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