Complete this Quest to earn 15,000 XP!

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has an entirely new set of Quests for players to complete to earn XP. Although most are gameplay-related, there is one that only asks you to navigate to the "Accolades" menu. If done properly, you will earn 15,000 XP. This article explains how to complete the "open collections and view accolades" Fortnite Quest.

Fortnite open collections and view accolades Quest explained

You can find this challenge in the "Quests" tab under the "Jumpstart" Questline. Per the image above, the Quest asks you to open collections and view accolades in Fortnite. While this may seem confusing, it's a rather straightforward Quest. All you have to do is click "Collections" in the upper-left corner of that very same screen and then click the "Accolades" tab.

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how you can complete this challenge:

  1. Navigate to the Quests tab.
  1. Click "Collections" in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  1. Once there, select the "Accolades" tab and you have completed the challenge.

If done successfully, you should see the "Quest Complete" notification appear on your screen for the open collections and view accolades challenge. This completion will earn you 15,000 XP toward your Battle Pass progression.

What else is new in Chapter 5 Season 3?

Although the collections and accolades menu is not a new addition in Fortnite's latest season, there is a lot for players to experience. Epic Games has rolled out a new Battle Pass, including a character from Fallout and even the X-Men mutant Magneto. Furthermore, the developers introduced new Medallions, weapons, vehicle mods, points of interest, and the new Nitro mechanic.

You can jump into Fortnite and try out the new season now before it concludes in August. Also, don't forget to knock out these challenges to unlock new cosmetics!

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