Have you explored the wasteland yet?

Fortnite's newest season, Chapter 5, Season 3: Wrecked!, is officially here. With it comes some new and unique locations for players to explore.

Here is every new location in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3.

Every new location in Fortnite

The newest season gives players a chance to explore an apocalyptic wasteland. With Mad Max and Fallout being the center of the season, many of the new locations give off a post-apocalyptic feel.

With Wasteland Warriors littered throughout the island, players will have to explore these new POIs with extreme caution. Don't worry, though. T-60s from Fallout are here to give you protection.

Here is every new location in Fortnite.

Redline Rig

The Machinist, one of the new season's Wasteland Warriors, runs a new location called Redline Rig. This massive Nitro rig is a powerhouse for all the new cars on the island. Landing here is a great opportunity for those who are going to be stocking up on Nitro.

What is Nitro? Nitro is the newest addition to the game, which can be used on vehicles and players, giving you impressive abilities.


Nitrodrome is where the bravest of soldiers land offspawn. This massive arena is equipped with massive vehicles, Nitro and more. Be careful, though. The destructive Ringmaster Scarr lives there, and she is prepared to make any player bow before her.

The Nitrodrome location is built off pure chaos, so if you plan to land there, make sure you are prepared for a battle.

Brutal Beachhead

Brutal Beachhead is exactly as it sounds: brutal. This location is possibly the toughest to make it out alive in. It is the base of operations for the Wasteland Warriors, with their leader, Megalo Don, in charge.

The last thing you want to do is upset Megalo Don, and unfortunately, it seems like doing so is pretty easy. Still, Brutal Beachhead has quite a bit of loot, Nitro and more for players. Just be ready for a brawl if you land there.

Additional changes to the map

The only other change to the map is Snooty Steppes has changed to Sandy Steppes, similar to Shady Sands from the hit Fallout TV show on Amazon Prime.

While the wasteland is only one part of the map, we may see it take over the rest of the island by the end of the season.

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