Let’s take a look at every skin in the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

The island has officially become a wasteland. Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3 is finally here, and whether you are exploring Redline Rig or cruising around Nitrodrome, the new season has something for everyone. The season's Battle Pass has quite a few new skins, too, so let's explore them.

Here is every new Battle Pass skin in Chapter 5, Season 3.

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3: Every new Battle Pass skin

Fortnite is notorious for ramping up the looks of each of their new skins. Whether the outfits come with a Battle Pass or are just a part of the Item Shop, the Battle Royale never ceases to amaze fans with their designs.

Battle Pass skins, though, usually have something to do with the ongoing storyline in the game or the theme of the season. The Chapter 5, Season 3 Battle Pass is no exception to this, as it follows a post-apocalyptic guideline.

There are eight skins in the Chapter 5, Season 3 Fortnite Battle Pass.

1. The Machinist

The Machinist is the first skin players get in the Battle Pass. Once your pass is purchased, you can automatically equip this new outfit. Also found on the island, The Machinist is a terrifying character that players will have to battle at Redline Rig.

So why not also play as him?

2. Rust

Rust loves to rock. This new skin is meant for shredding across the island, giving players the feel of an absolute punk. Equip Rust as your skin and get ready to party.

Rust is easily a top competitor as one of the best skins in the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

3. Peabody

Made up of Phil, Earl and Axel, Peabody is literally three peas in a pod. This hilarious skin is literally just made up of three peas. It seems like Fortnite loves turning classic foods into skins (Peely, The Brat and more).

Have some fun. Explore the wasteland as Peabody.

4. Ringmaster Scarr

The Ringmaster Scarr skin is easily one of the best skins in the new Fortnite Battle Pass. The new outfit is quite the fan of chaos, making them a skin to be feared when seen in a game. Her love for destruction makes her the perfect skin to wear when exploring the wasteland.

Ringmaster Scarr is an absolute menace of a skin, making her one of the better skins in the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

5. T-60 Power Armor

It seems like The Brotherhood of Steel has joined the island. The T-60 Power Armor is an unlockable skin in the new Battle Pass. For fans of the popular game and TV show, Fallout, this new skin is a luxury.

Power up in the T-60 Power Armor and become unstoppable.

6. Brite Raider

Modeled after Brite Bomb, Brite Raider takes pieces of the famous Renegade Raider but mixes them with Brite Bomb. Not only is Brite Raider a new take on two classic skins, but it is easily one of the cleanest-looking skins in the new Fortnite Battle Pass.

Gear up as Brite Raider in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3.

7. Megalo Don

The final skin in the Battle Pass is Megalo Don. Leading the Wastelanders, Megalo Don is a fierce warrior and mastermind within the world of Nitro. This is not a character you want to come across in a game, making Megalo Don a ferocious outfit.

Megalo Don is worth grinding out the new Forntite Battle Pass for.

8. Wastlander Magneto

But wait! There's more! Wastlander Magneto, modeled after the famous Marvel Mutant, is also unlockable in the Battle Pass through various different Battle Pass Quests. The challenges needed to achieve his skin will not be available till July, though.

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