The game offers various ways to power up your characters.

Perks in MultiVersus are special items that buff some abilities of playable characters. They are important for becoming a successful player, but you should know what Perks are, how to unlock them, and what differences they bring to the game. Here's everything to know about Perks in MultiVersus.

What are Perks in MultiVersus?

The platformer fighting game MultiVersus has special power-up items that can be equipped for each character. They are called Perks. Every fighter has a variety of Perks to increase three types of abilities.

  • To strengthen the attack power, use Offensive Perks (red)
  • Gain more protection for your character with Defensive Perks (blue)
  • Improve additional attributes, such as movement speed or team support, with Utility Perks (green)

One character can equip three standard and one signature Perk.

Perks for Shaggy (Image via
Perks for Shaggy (Image via

How to unlock (buy) Perks in MultiVersus

During the open beta period, players unlocked Perks by leveling up their characters. The system has changed for the full game release. Now, players need to earn special Perk currency to then buy these power-ups.

Players can obtain the Perk currency in MultiVersus through a few methods:

  • From the PvE Rifts Mode
  • Participating in in-game events
  • Through leveling up characters and through account mastery
  • By unlocking Battle Pass tiers

The game is pretty generous with the Perks currency, and quite soon you will get enough of it to buy some extra abilities. 

To buy MultiVersus Perks:

  1. Go to a character page
  2. Choose the Perks tab
  3. Select a Perks set and enter it
  4. Select Perks in the current set to see possible variations in four categories: Signature, Team, Strong, and Standard
  5. Check out the available Perks and unlock them using MultiVersus Perks currency
<em>Finn the Human in MultiVersus (image via</em>
Finn the Human in MultiVersus (image via

It is a good idea to unlock MultiVersus Perks for your favorite (main) fighter first — signature perks, as they have the biggest impact on the matches. Then, read properly the descriptions of every Perk you plan to unlock. Some may be less important for your fighting style or even useless, like a projectile boost for a character without projectiles.

<em>Perks of Jason from the Friday 13th (image via</em>
Perks of Jason from the Friday 13th (image via

How to set Perks for a MultiVersus match

There are three premade sets of MultiVersus Perks and three slots for your custom sets. The premade ones are available from the very beginning: 

  • Generalist — to boost all the abilities
  • Survivor — for improving defense and preventing KOs
  • Finisher — for stronger hits that launch opponents earlier

Using these sets is ok for your starting experience in MultiVersus. Then, when you know your character and feel your personal style, try and create your own custom sets. Do this in the same way as buying Perks in MultiVersus (a step-by-step guide is in the previous section of our Perks guide). More slots for custom sets are available with the leveling up your character (5th and 10th levels).

<em>Sets of Perks in MultiVersus (image via</em>
Sets of Perks in MultiVersus (image via

After your custom sets are ready, press the Play button to dive into a multiplayer match. The first phase of preparation here is selecting Perks.

  1. Press the Edit Perks button.
  2. Select a set you want to use.

Pay attention to what Perks your teammate has, as you can choose the same (if you have a similar set) and enhance Perks for you both.

Starting a match in MultiVersus (image via
Starting a match in MultiVersus (image via

How to enhance Perks

Different characters can have identical standard Perks. The game prioritizes team fights, and even this power-up mechanic rewards 2v2 actions. 

  • Equip identical Perks for two characters in your MultiVersus team to stack them and strengthen the effect
MultiVersus teams (Image via
MultiVersus teams (Image via

The developers have refreshed the Perks system quite significantly for the full release of MultiVersus. They've removed some of the power-up items as players did not use them. They've also added some other types of character buffs to the game. It’s a good idea to check out what you can get for your favorite characters and consider what Perks are better for your fighting style and team strategy.

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