The whole roster can be unlocked for free. And even if you are willing to pay, there are some important aspects to know.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play game that sells you various items, including playable characters. Thank goodness, the developers left a nice way to unlock all characters in MultiVersus for free — even if this method takes some time. Let’s delve into details and highlight some important tips on unlocking MultiVesus fighters!

Free characters in MultiVersus: the pros and cons

Like many other gamers, MultiVersus features a rotation of free characters. You launch the game and have someone to play. This sounds great, isn’t it?

The problem is that every one of those fighters has pretty deep mechanics. It’s easy to just grab anyone and enjoy the fights. But to be good at MutliVersus, you should have consistency with your training, know all the features of a character’s moveset, and even develop muscle memory for the most effective strings and combos. It’s almost impossible to do it for the limited time of free rotation.

  • Free characters in rotation are there for everyone — it’s great.
  • You cannot hope to develop your skills with very different fighters if you don’t practice them long enough — it’s not good.

How to unlock MultiVersus characters?

To have a MultiVersus fighter in your collection and play them whenever you want to, you need to buy them for in-game currency. 

We have a dedicated guide explaining all MultiVersus currencies, so check it out for details. For the purpose of unlocking characters, you need only these two types:

  • Gleamium
  • Fighter Currency

Both can be purchased for real-world money. And both can be obtained for free.Most characters in MultiVersus cost 1,000 Gleamium and 3,000 Fighter Currency. Newer fighters, such as Joker, are more expensive: 1,280 Gleamium and 6,000 Fighter Currency.

The Joker in MultiVersus (image via
The Joker in MultiVersus (image via

How to unlock MultiVersus fighters for free

For most characters, the question is more like “How to get Gleamium and Fighter Currency”. There are some exceptions, though, as MultiVersus gives away some of the fighters directly.

  • Banana Guard — log in to the game and complete the tutorial. You will have a 7-day reward calendar, and Banana Guard will be there on day 1. Log in to MultiVersus throughout the whole 7-day period, and you will get the character variant Lady Banana Guard.
  • Jason Voorhees — those who played MultiVersus beta will get the character from Friday the 13th for free. Just log in to the game until June 11.
  • Agent Smith — for the release of the character from Matrix, MultiVersus gives Agent Smith for free, but you need to complete a special mission for this. To get Agent Smith in MultiVersus, play the Rifts PVE mode.

Such giveaways and missions can continue in the future, so keep an eye on the announcements in the game.

Jason Voorhees in MultiVersus (image via
Jason Voorhees in MultiVersus (image via

How to get Fighter Currency in MultiVersus for free?

To unlock a MultiVersus character, you need 3,000/6,000 Fighter Currency. It’s not difficult to get it! Just play the game, and soon you will get enough.

  • Rifts rewards — playing through PvE stages will bring you different rewards, including Fighter Currency.
  • Missions rewards — MultiVersus offers regular missions and rewards players for completing them. The missions may include dealing specific amounts of damage, performing some moves, or trying out game modes.
  • Character progression — play any character to increase Fighter Mastery with them and claim your rewards. Fighter Currency is given on the 5th (100), 10th (200), and 14th (300) levels.
  • Account progression — you get good numbers of Fighter Currency after reaching some new account levels.
  • Special events — the game has time-limited events with special missions. Fighter Currency may be given away as a reward in some of them.

Earning Fighter Currency in MultiVersus is not a quick process. Patience is needed.

Training Missions in MultiVersus (image via
Training Missions in MultiVersus (image via

How to get Gleamium in MultiVersus for free?

This type of currency is much rarer, and getting free Gleamium in MultiVersus takes substantially more time. The main sources are the following.

  • Character progressions — on the 15th level of Fighter Mastery you get 150 Gleamium.
  • Special events — Gleamium is available here in small numbers as a very special reward.

Gleamium and Fighter Currency in Battle Pass of MultiVersus

A good way to get various rewards in MultiVersus, including Fighter Currency and Gleamium is to gain XP and unlock Battle Pass tiers. It’s not a free method, strictly speaking, as you need to pay for rewards on some tiers. Still, if you buy MultiVersus Battle Pass anyway for cosmetic items, such as character skins, you will be rewarded with some amount of currency for unlocking fighters.

If you have played the beta version of the game, you will get MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1. After reaching the highest tier, you will earn enough Gleamium to get the next MultiVersus Battle Pass Season for free. You sure can spend this resource on purchasing characters.

Battle Pass Season 1 in MultiVersus (image via
Battle Pass Season 1 in MultiVersus (image via

Buy MultiVersus Fighters: Tips

It may feel like simply paying for the characters is the easiest way of getting them. Sadly, MultiVersus doesn’t offer a complete pack with all characters, In a way, the game motivates gamers to play more and earn currencies from internal missions.

Check out the tips below to avoid spending too much in a free-to-play game.

  • Try and get as much currency in the game as possible — while the process is easy in the beginning (leveling up characters and your account, training missions, etc.)
  • Start with unlocking one character only and stick to them for a while. Learn your first fighter properly before unlocking the next one, and you will earn a good amount in the process (at least Fighter Currency).
  • Connect emotional and practical approaches. It’s great to unlock characters you enjoy in their original franchise. But they have very specific features as MultiVersus fighters, and they may not be the best for your personal style.
  • Consider purchasing Gleamium separately, not as part of bundles. 
  • MultiVersus is pretty generous regarding Fighter Currency, so better earn as much as possible from the game. Don’t buy bundles for it.

The bottom line is — don’t hurry to see all MultiVersus characters unlocked. Give it time, and you will not need to spend too much on fighters.

How to get the Joker in MultiVersus

For the release of this new character, MultiVersus offers a special bundle with the Joker. It includes:

  • The Joker as a playable fighter in MultiVersus
  • A rare variant of the Joker (skin)
  • The Joker profile icon
  • 1,000 Gleamium

How to get Agent Smith in MultiVersus

While the character is super new, the developers have made him a reward for completing Rifts.

  • Beat a boss and earn points
  • Get Agent Smith for free two weeks earlier
  • Earn other rewards, including 3,000 Fighter Currency
Agent Smith event in MultiVersus (image via
Agent Smith event in MultiVersus (image via

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