Jump into the fun fights and get awesome items to your inventory!

MultiVersus celebrates its re-release with a bunch of rewards for new and returning players. Check out what free items you can get in this fighting game and what you should do for this.

Also, the developers revealed some details on Battle Pass Season 1 in MultiVersus, promising more valuable items for both free and premium tiers.

Free rewards for MultiVersus launch

It’s logical to start playing MultiVersus from the tutorial. It explains the gameplay basics and highlights important details — for you to celebrate many victories. The game has an improved tutorial, different from the one in the beta version.

Completing it is also the first step to getting free rewards.

  1. Complete MultiVersus tutorial
  2. Get your seven-day reward calendar
  3. Unlock various items and the ultimate prize, the new character Banana Guard and its female variant Lady Banana Guard

Banana Guard originates in the cartoon series Adventure Time. This character was absent in the beta version, so it feels like an especially valuable reward.

Rewards for returning MultiVersus players

The game had a pretty long period of public beta testing, and many people played MultiVersus back then. Now, with the full release, the developers reward their fans. 

  1. Log in to the game till 8 p.m. PT / 11 p.m. ET, June 11, 2024 
  2. Receive Jason Voorhees for free
  3. Unlock the premium tier of Battle Pass Season 1 — and it’s also free

Sure, you have to enter the game from the same account you used for the open beta. Having your WB Games Account linked is also important for getting the free rewards in MultiVersus.

Jason Voorhees is from the horror franchise Friday the 13th. He was teased in the official MultiVersus launch trailer alongside Agent Smith from Matrix.

One more reward will be delivered to returning game accounts for free and without time limitations. If you played MultiVersus during beta, log in to it and get a free character variant for Finn the Human from Adventure Time: Snow Suit Finn, the ring-out effect Rising Stars, and the announcer pack Banana Guard.

Snow Suit Finn (image via multiversus.com)
Snow Suit Finn (image via multiversus.com)

MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1

Like most free-to-play games, MultiVersus has a Battle Pass for players to progress and unlock various rewards. MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1 starts after the launch, and it will have some differences compared to the beta version.

In addition to giving away Battle Pass Season 1 for returning MultiVersus players, the developers filled up the free and premium tiers with more valuable rewards. You can unlock:

  • Ring-out effects
  • Character variants
  • Taunts
  • Currency, including the premium one — Gleamium

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th is also part of MultiVersus Battle Pass Season 1!

A couple of other great announcements from the developers are a prolonged duration of Battle Pass Seasons and the addition of enough Gleamium to the premium tier for unlocking the next Season for free. 

  • MultiVersus players have more time to unlock all the tiers, and reaching the final tier doesn't mean the end as it is repeatable. 
  • If you don’t plan to spend Gleamium on something else, your next Battle Pass MultiVersus Season will be free.
MultiVersus Season 1 rewards (image via multiversus.com)
MultiVersus Season 1 rewards (image via multiversus.com)

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