The platform fighter known as MultiVersus has its confirmed release date, and we’ve got a countdown for you eager fans.

MultiVersus is finally ready for a full launch. The game was officially announced in November 2021. After that, a lengthy early access and open beta period took place between July 2022 and June 2023. After almost a year offline, we now have our MultiVersus release date.

You can jump into the fighting game filled with Warner Bros. properties come May 28, 2024. MultiVersus fans are gearing up to take their main into a battle, after waiting and waiting and waiting. Congratulations, your patience paid off.

MultiVersus countdown to its release date

Again, MultiVersus launches on May 28. We've got a handy countdown for you, just so you can clock the minutes and seconds left until the fighting game is available for everyone.

Here's that countdown as promised:

MultiVersus Release Date

This is assuming the game goes live at midnight ET, as that's the typical launch time for most video games these days. You'll be able to see exactly what you can play it through your platform. It will let you know when it is open for business.

What is MultiVersus?

(Image via Player First Games)
(Image via Player First Games)

If you've stumbled across our countdown, but aren't sure what MultiVersus is, we highly recommend you brush up. We've got you covered with the gist of it, though.

It is a platform fighting, sort of like your Super Smash Bros. Every character is a Warner Bros. property of some sort. You've got DC heroes, Scooby Doo characters, and even Lebron James who played a part in the Space Jam sequel.

It has multiple modes, but its main focus has been on a 2v2 setting. Characters have perks that can be used in tandem with their fighting partner to be extremely effective. You can try it out for yourself once that MultiVersus release date arrives.

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