WB Smash-alike Multiversus gets 2024 launch date, now in Unreal Engine 5 cover image

WB Smash-alike Multiversus gets 2024 launch date, now in Unreal Engine 5

What’s up, Doc?

What once was old is new yet again. What was a highly hyped, free-to-play launch last year, the WB Smash Bros. competitor Multiversus quietly went away. With little explanation, the game went into hibernation and no ETA. Well, it surely must be spring, as Multiversus is back with a 2024 launch date and sporting a new Unreal Engine 5 coat of paint. The announcement comes after a week of teasing from the Multiversus Twitter account.

"The team has heard your feedback, and we learned a lot from our open beta," says Tony Huynh, the Game Director of Multiversus. The video also serves as a reminder of just how much content came out for the game during that beta test period. Did anyone else forget that Marvin the Martian and a Gremlin were in this thing? Oh, and Black Adam. Because brand synergy never dies.

When does Multiversus launch in 2024?

Look for Multiversus to officially release in a free-to-play capacity on May 28, 2024 for all of its previous released systems. There's no confirmation that previous purchases will come forward, but also no reason to think that they wouldn't. And while having a 2024 launch date at last for Multiversus is nice, the bigger news is its new facelift into Unreal Engine 5.

Not a bad looking game by any stretch, the new video does showcase some new animations and visual effects at work. This also includes a look at new stages seemingly inspired by The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory. Hmm.

Huynh also mentions the game's new netcode, yet another perk of Multiversus swapping to Unreal Engine 5 in 2024. Given that we know a fighting game lives and dies these days by how smooth the online experience is, this is a relief to hear. Though, from my experience during the beta, the Multiversus online experience was already serviceable.

Look for Multiversus to return to servers on May 28, 2024.

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