A hidden quest in Crownfall Act II.

Just when we thought fishing couldn't get any harder, Crownfall Act II brings another version of fishing with INCREDIBLE difficulty. Welcome to our new nightmare, Sand Fishing. You may have noticed that this quest is not available on the Deserts of Druud map by default. So how do you unlock Sand Fishing and how exactly do you play it?

How to unlock Sand Fishing in Dota 2 Crownfall Act II

In Crownfall Act II, you can access Sand Fishing by playing the Oasis Fishing quest and getting the Strange Spear token. This will unlock the hidden Sand Fishing quest.

On the Crownfall Act II: Deserts of Druud map, play up until the Oasis Fishing quest located on the bottom of the map. If you're familiar with the fishing game from Act I, this plays out exactly the same. However, the rewards are slightly different.

By getting a score of 10,000 in Act II's Oasis Fishing, you can unlock the Strange Spear token. This token will unlock a hidden quest that will appear on the map, just below the Oasis Fishing. Use the Strange Spear token to finally unlock Sand Fishing!

How to play the Sand Fishing minigame in Crownfall Act II

Sand Fishing is the typical fishing. But with a spear. And in sand. The fishes swim around insanely fast which requires you to aim your spear accurately in its path. You cannot throw the spear directly on top of the fishes. Catching them is a similar process where you have to keep the fish in the catch bar contained within your green square.

What are the rewards for Sand Fishing? Although this Sand Fishing quest gives an insane challenge, the rewards are.. not so exciting. With a 4,000 score, you'll get one random token. A 7,000 score gives you two randoms tokens, meanwhile a 10,000 score gives three random tokens. There are no special tokens or rewards to unlock from Sand Fishing, just the nightmares of cleaning Snapfire's little garden.

Though if you're someone who loves a complete map, unlocking Sand Fishing will also help fulfill your Crownfall Act II progress to 59/59. This is if you have also played the Side Quests!

So good luck Sand Fishing under the hot Druud sun. We'll keep you updated with more Dota 2 news and Crownfall updates here on esports.gg!