MMR Double Down tokens can help you climb your rank FAST (or otherwise). Here’s how to get them for free.

The Matchmaking Rating (MMR) Double Down token is truly a wonder in Dota 2. The double-edged sword can either help you climb the MMR ranks insanely quick, or throw you down a spiraling path of unrecoverable MMR loss. But we all love to live on the edge! Who knows if that winstreak hits you like a jackpot and deliver you hundreds of deliciously free MMR.

To get the Double Down tokens, you can just play the Crownfall event normally. But there are also a couple of other ways to get the MMR Double Down tokens for free.

How to get the MMR Double Down tokens for free

First and foremost, the basic way to collect MMR Double Down tokens is via the Main Quest. We are currently on the map of Act I: The Markets of Midgate which can provide you x6 total Double Down tokens. You can also get extra tokens by unlocking the Side Quests which are locked behind a paywall. These Side Quests can give you an extra x5 Double Down tokens.

So how do you get more for free? Throughout Act I, you'll be able to collect x12 Store Coins. If you unlock the Side Quests, you'll get an extra x10 Store Coins. With only x10 Store Coins, you'll be able to activate a massive discount in the Crownfall Store.

  • On the Crownfall Store tab, click the "ACTIVATE" button on the top-right of your screen.
  • Once activated, all items in the Crownfall Store will be at a discounted price.

After activating the discount, you'll be able to grab the Crownfall Royal Bundle for free! Inside this bundle, you'll receive x20 MMR Double Down tokens, x10 Candyworks Caravan Rerolls, and x30 Candyworks Caravan Candy Sacks.

Try your luck in the Candyworks Caravan Rerolls

There is another way to get the MMR Double Down tokens for free (with a ton of luck from Selemene). The Candyworks Caravan can occasionally spin a x10 Store Coins reward for a decent amount of candies. With these additional Store Coins, you can grab yourself another Crownfall Royal Bundle and its x20 MMR Double Down tokens.

Make sure to actively play and win matches to earn up to 10 extra rerolls weekly. With these extra rerolls, you may just be lucky enough to stumble upon the Store Coins reward.

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