With the second season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, titled Book Two, releasing on January 18th, catch up with the story so far!

Book One of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was released on March 25th, 2021, which is a pretty long time to try and remember every detail without a recap. And with a new trailer dropped yesterday (January 7th), anticipation for the next season is at a peak.

So, with Book Two releasing on January 18th, we’ve put together a full recap of the story of DOTA: Dragon's Blood so far. It’s perfect whether you’re just a bit rusty on the story or want to jump straight into the action when the new season releases.

Dragon's Blood Recap Overview

The Dragon Knight Davion enters a strange blood pact with a dying Wyrm and unlocks strange new powers. Meanwhile, Mirana and Marci search for a sorcerer who can solve their woes. Finally, the Elves of the Nightsilver Woods look to free their imprisoned goddess, while Luna, protector of Selemene, seeks to stop them. But all these moving parts may just be pawns in a game played by Invoker and Selemene in a dark revenge plot between former lovers. 

A Beginning

(Image via Netflix)
(Image via Netflix)

Traveling dragon slayer, Davion, a Dragon Knight, discovers the lair of an Elder Wyrm. However, knowing that facing the Dragon is certain death, instead spends the evening at a local tavern, where he meets Mirana and her bodyguard Marci. The pair are searching for the Mage, a mysterious figure with great wisdom. Mirana, formerly royalty in the Nightsilver Woods, seeks to atone to Selemene after falling from her grace and losing her status.

When a local mercenary is corrupted by the influence of the demon Terrorblade, Davion races back to the Elder Wyrm’s lair to attempt to save his life. However, this results in Davion facing down both a Terrorblade-possessed Uldorak and another wyrm, Slyrak. As Slyrak lies dying from the confrontation, he enters a blood pact with Davion, seemingly slaying the Dragon Knight. Instead, both are now fused with the Dragon's blood.

Davion is saved by Mirana and Marci, and the trio travels together to a nearby city. Mirana, Marci, and Davion find conflict in the town, with the latter transforming into a fearsome hybrid Dragon form. Mirana and Marci save Davion from himself, and the trio flees from the forest.

Enter the Invoker

(Image via Netflix)
(Image via Netflix)

Meanwhile, Fymryn, an elf from the Nightsilver Woods, travels with her companions. Fymryn has stolen Sacred Lotuses from Selemene, and now seeks to use them to liberate their own Moon goddess. 

They seek out The Sage, a powerful sorcerer. However, Fymryn and company are cast out shortly after meeting Invoker. Soon they are ambushed and attacked by Luna, who has been tasked with recapturing the stolen Lotuses. Luna kills most of the elves, but Fymryn is able to escape.

Behind the scenes, Invoker and Selemene commune. It’s revealed they’re former lovers who even had a child together. However, with neither able to save their daughter’s life, the two are now bitter rivals.

Dragon’s Blood

(Image via Netflix)
(Image via Netflix)

During their travels, Davion, Mirana, and Marci travel to a Dragon Knight fortress in the mountains and meet Dragon Knight Kaden, who has sworn revenge against Slyrak. When Kaden realizes Davion has entered a blood pact with Slyrak, the group is forced to fight the Dragon Knight, which releases the Dragon’s spirit inside Davion.

Slyrak, possessing Davion, goes on a rampage, and Davion’s consciousness is trapped communing with other Elder Dragons. Fleeing the rampaging Slyrak, Mirana and Marci reach the Mage’s Valley, and we realize the Sorcerer, the Sage, and the Mage are all aliases for Invoker. 


(Image via Netflix)
(Image via Netflix)

Luna uses Selemene’s power to subdue the elf rebels. This maintains control of the Nightsilver Woods, and force the elves to obey the goddess. Finally, Davion, who has regained control of his senses after parlaying with the dragons, rejoins Mirana and Marci. Mirana discovers from Invoker that the next step to recover her royalty is to return the stolen Lotuses.

Mirana and the rest of the group are tasked with returning the Lotuses to Selemene, but it’s clear Invoker has another plan as well. Traveling with Fymryn, Mirana, Marci, and Davion learn to work together while battling dragons all in aid of returning the stolen Lotuses. 

The series climaxes with a grand battle in the Nightsilver Woods, with Invoker’s plan being revealed—The returned Lotuses block Selemene’s power, and the elves, sensing the loss of the goddess's control, host an uprising.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Knights appear to capture Davion. The series ends on a cliffhanger, with Davion captured and all the characters split up. Selemene is seemingly possessed by Terrorblade and the stage is set for Book Two

What questions we hope will be answered in Book Two!

DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book Two will likely reveal to us the fates of Davion, Mirana, Luna, and others. But there are a few burning questions we have following the end of Book One.

Top of the list is the fate of Selemene? Is she dead? Possessed? And what does that mean for Luna’s power. What will Luna, Mirana, and Marci do now their goddess is gone?

We know Lina will be a character in the new season but which other Dota heroes are we going to see? Some have theorized Pangolier, Chen, and Beastmaster, but nothing is concrete right now.

Is Invoker done with plotting? He seems to have had his revenge on Selemene, but perhaps this was just step one in his plan. Does he plan to try and resurrect his daughter?

What of Fymryn? Will she take up the mantle of leader in the Nightsilver Woods? Is she really becoming a Templar Assassin?

And finally what next for Davion? Trapped and captured by the Dragon Knights, will he be able to master his powers and actually turn into a proper dragon like in Dota 2? Or is the Hybrid thing here to stay…

The show releases on January 18th, only on Netflix