Even Dota Dragon’s Blood’s executive producer, Ashley Edward Miller, thought this poster was legit…

With Dota: Dragon’s Blood a distant memory of 2021 and season two still a ways away, it’s safe to say few are thinking about Dota 2’s animated series. Though thoroughly usurped from its title as “best video game adaptation on Netflix” thanks to Arcane, hype returned, if only for a moment, as Dota 2 spokesperson Wykrhm Reddy posted a teasing poster.

But if you, like us, thought this was an official announcement, think again. Wykrhm is a prodigious photoshop maven, and often the mastermind behind some of Dota 2’s impressive visual assets, which are then shown off on social media. And it turns out this poster was more of a fan homage than anything else.

Ashley Edward Miller, the executive producer and creator of Dota 2 Dragon’s Blood was even fooled. Tweeting in response, Miller said, “Every time he does something like this, I’m convinced it’s official. He’s just that good,”

Poster Hints at new characters?

Unofficial or not, the Dota: Dragon's Blood Season 2 poster seems to have taken some stills and images from both the recent trailer and some unseen promotional images. One thing that caught the interest of keen-eyed fans was a character that looked very similar to Pangolier, Dota 2’s mustachioed pangolin swashbuckler. But with the character’s somewhat “rotund” looks, people were initially worried. 

Luckily, Ashley Edward Miller was on hand again to provide some context. According to the showrunner, the plus-sized pango was not Donté Panlin, the Pangolier. And furthermore, the bestial bear-like character also featured wasn’t Ursa or Brewmaster. Instead, this pair are new characters!

So while the Dota: Dragon's Blood poster isn’t anything official, we do have some juicy details for the new season. Either way, this kind of tidbit is ample food for fans of the show, who are patiently awaiting more.