We got our first look at Dragon’s Blood Season 2 today, revealing some of the action and adventure we’re set to see in the second season.

In March 2021, Dota: Dragon’s Blood took Netflix by storm with its animated action set in the world of Dota 2. Dragon’s Blood Season 2 was swiftly announced but but now seven months later, we’ve finally seen our first look at the second season, entitled Book Two.

In a trailer that dropped following PSG.LGD’s defeat of Team Secret in the TI10 upper bracket, we saw more details of the upcoming show. Set to debut in January 2022 on Netflix, the new season promises answers to the show’s many mysteries, but also action and adventure.

The Story So Far in Dragon’s Blood

In its first season, Dota: Dragon’s Blood followed the story of Davion, The Dragon Knight, as he unraveled the mystery of his strange new dragon-transformation powers. He is joined by Princess Mirana, and her loyal bodyguard, Marci, as the pair look for the Sage, a wise magic-user.

Simultaneously, the Sage, better known as Invoker to Dota fans, is sought out by Fymryn, an elven girl who has had a vision of an unfamiliar Moon Goddess. But the Sage’s own conflict with Selemene, the current Moon Goddess, and her scion, Luna, threatens Fymryn’s search for answers. 

The first season expanded hugely on the lore of Dota 2 and the heroes involved. The second season looks to grow the story of these familiar Dota characters even more.

More Familiar Heroes in Dota: Dragon Blood Season 2

Beyond Davion, Mirana, Invoker, Luna, and Terrorblade, Book Two’s trailer has teased new faces for the series. Lina is one hero that will definitely make an appearance, having featured prominently in the trailer. The hero faced off against Davion in his dragon form, utilizing her fire powers.

Lina is set to make an appearance in Dota: Dragon's Blood Book Two (Image via Valve/Netflix)
Lina is set to make an appearance in Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book Two (Image via Valve/Netflix)

Of course, where there’s Lina, there will likely be Rylai, better known as Crystal Maiden. The two sisters are heated rivals in the game and will probably come to blows in the series. 

But beyond this, there are also hints that Chen might make an appearance in the series. In a brief action scene, Davion’s dragon form is seen battling soldiers with familiar-looking helmets. Perhaps the Holy Knight Chen will come to blows with Davion and the rest of the show’s heroes.

Davion squares off with some soldiers with Chen-shaped helmets in Dota: Dragon's Blood Book Two (Image via Valve/Netflix)
Davion squares off against some soldiers with Chen-shaped helmets in Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book Two (Image via Valve/Netflix)

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 is set to release on Netflix in January 2022. You can catch the first season on Netflix now.

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