Want to try the new hero and not feed in pubs? Check out our Primal Beast guide which covers abilities, Talent Trees, item builds, and more!

It is finally time for a Primal Beast guide, ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve missed it, the new Patch 7.31 brought a handful of changes to Dota 2, and arriving with it is a ferocious new hero, the Primal Beast. The Beast isn’t a foreign sight for Aghanim’s Labyrinth players, as he was the final boss for the event game.

The arrival of a new hero means a lot of exciting discoveries but also a ton of questions. So for eager players that don’t know where to start, here is an in-depth guide for the Primal Beast.

What are Primal Beast’s abilities?

We all had a glimpse of what this creature can do, but here is a more elaborate description that will make you understand how you can play him better.


The first skill is Onslaught.

This ability makes the Primal Beast charge to a point target, damaging and stunning enemies in his path. It is a strong mobility spell that not only allows easier movement but also a good fight or gank initiation. Onslaught is similar to Earth Spirit’s Rolling Boulder and Magnus’s Skewer in a way that you can close a gap fast enough to chase enemies or escape from a deadly fight. The downside to this skill is it also knocks back allies alike, so be alert of when to or when not to charge in.

The distance of the charge depends on the charge time. The longer you channel the charge, the further the distance you travel. This also means that if you want to just stun enemies nearby and not travel too far, you can channel for a short duration.

What is not revealed on paper is that Primal Beasts’ charge trajectory can change after the channeling is done. While you’re charging using Onslaught, right-click on another direction and the Primal Beast will slowly drift to the new direction. This perk is useful for a lot of purposes such as hitting a moving target, or if you simply change your mind.


The second skill is Trample.

Trample causes the Primal Beast to go on a tantrum-like rage, stomping his feet on enemies while moving. This ability provides the Primal Beast a good AoE damage that’s useful to clear creep waves or to farm. However, activating this spell causes him to be disarmed which makes it situational to use. You might not want to be caught pressing this spell while enemies are using BKBs or when it’s necessary to attack the target.

This skill is similar to Juggernaut’s Blade Fury and there is a distinct way of controlling its movement The duration of the spell is 5.5 seconds which is relatively long in the game. So Trample is very good to deal a load of damage but it also disarms you for longer than you’d prefer.


The third skill is a passive ability, Uproar.

Uproar is a great passive that allows Primal Beast to convert damages taken to his own advantage. For every 35 damages taken (which is basically one hit per hero), Primal Beast gets one stack of Uproar. You can accumulate up to 5 stacks and the more stacks you gain the more amplified your benefits become.

  • Once activated, Primal Beast releases a huge AoE roar that slows enemy for 3 seconds.
  • It gives you additional attack damage and armor for 7 seconds.

This ability allows you to trade hits and turn the tides around during laning or teamfights. The Beast is naturally tanky so sacrificing some health for a burst of armor and damage works for the hero. The Uproar duration is very long but while it’s active, Uproar doesn’t accumulate stacks.


The ultimate ability for Primal Beast is Pulverize.

This ultimate ability is not incredibly powerful but it does deal huge AoE mini-stuns. Pulverize lets you select a target enemy and the Beast will grab and disable them, thumping them to the ground about 3 times. Each thump deals a mini-stun – which can be very disruptive to enemies. It deals great magical damage at 270 per hit (810 total damage).

When you’re using Pulverize, you’re vulnerable to stuns or silences so a Black King Bar might be needed at some point. The mini-stuns also mean there are small windows for the enemies to quickly press their BKBs or escape the AoE.


Aghanim’s Shard grants the Primal Beast a new ability, Rock Throw.

Rock Throw allows you to target any enemy and toss a rock that will stun enemies in a small AoE. This ability is pretty useful but it has a slow projectile that is easily dodgeable. It also has quite a long cooldown of 25 seconds.

Other than that, you also can’t throw the rock near your hero’s radius. This means enemies can just close the gap in order to not get stunned.

But, if you manage to land a rock where there are a lot of enemies, the 2s stun can be useful.

As for now, the Primal Beast does not have any Aghanim’s Scepter ability or perk.

Talent Tree

Primal Beast Talent Tree

Most of the Talents are situational and depend on certain drafts or purposes. For example, if enemies have a ton of spells like Ignite or Arcane Curse that can be irritating in fights, you can select the Uproar-dispel Talent to shut that down.

You can also stack certain Talents to make it more powerful such as the +30% Trample Attack Multiplier and the 50% Spell Lifesteal.

What role suits Primal Beast?

The Primal Beast is designed with the traits of an initiator, a disabler, and a durable hero. His tanky nature makes him suitable for the offlane and he can frontline for his team. The Onslaught ability can be charged outside of view range which makes Primal Beast a great ganking hero as well. His gank ability and mobility make him a viable support hero.

You can possibly make him a carry hero by utilizing his Uproar and bumping up his agility. But generally, you will see the Primal Beast in the offlane.

What is Primal Beast’s item build?

First and foremost, this hero has a HUGE mana problem. His early mana pool is 267 and both of his early spells are 120 mana (Onslaught) and 90 mana (Trample). This means you can only cast 2 spells before finding yourself short on mana. So in the beginning, rushing a Soul Ring or an Arcane Boots is mandatory to save yourself from spending on too many Mangoes and Clarities.

For both the Support and Offlane role, the item builds are almost similar. The general go-to items are Bracers, Soul Ring, Boots of Bearing, Blink Dagger, Black King Bar, and extra situational items.

Other good items for Primal Beast include Orb of Corrosion, Spirit Vessel, Aghanim’s Shard, Solar Crest, Crimson Guard, Lotus Orb, Wraith Pact, or the Pipe of Insight.

Support Primal Beast Pro Players’ Item Builds

Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti – Hard Support (Pos 5)

DJ’s PB item build Guide

Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov – Soft Support (Pos 4)

MinD_ContRoL’s PB item build Guide

For Support abilities, get one point in Uproar in the earlier levels just for a good right-click harass in the laning stage. Focus on maximizing Onslaught and Trample for longer stuns, better mobility, and a good deal of Magical damage.

Offlane Primal Beast Pro Players’ Item Builds

Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang – Offlane (Pos 3)

iceiceice’s PB item build Guide

Rodrigo “LESLÃO” Santos – Offlane (Pos 3)

Leslao’s PB item build Guide

For Offlane abilities, you would want to max Trample and Uproar for efficient farming and massive right-click damage. Get one or two levels on Onslaught for a way to initiate or escape.

That’s all for our Primal Beast guide! Now crack your knuckles and get roaring in pubs.

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