Here are some of the best plays and moments from Day 1 of TI11 Group Stage.

The International kicked off today (October 15th) and 20 bloodthirsty teams were unleashed in the Group Stage. As if the usual 4 simultaneous streams are not handful enough, this TI brings 5 simultaneous streams on board - broadcasting a total of 50 games in only a day. An average human can only keep up with so many matches and so we have compiled some of the best and most interesting clips from day one of TI11 Group Stage.

A compilation of the best moments on Day One

What is happening?

Do you love those back-and-forth fights where you just can't seem to catch a breath? This insane end-game fight between RNG and Team Liquid will definitely take you there.

Wait, who holds the Aegis?

In the Evil Geniuses vs Soniqs series, EG secured an easy Roshan and Arteezy's Terrorblade charged into Soniqs' high ground without hesitance. Soniqs dropped every spell known to mankind to burst the Terrorblade and in a split second he died. But it's okay because he has the Aegis right?

SA best region?

While this clip is not anything too fancy, we don't always get to see a relegated South American team absolutely tearing the world's most feared team apart. Hokori is on a roll today and this victory against PSG.LGD is just one of their surprising wins.


Imagine blowing a battle horn to mark the beginning of a fight, only to see 5 heroes already dead. Team Secret and Thunder Awaken really had their hands on each other's throats in Game 2.

Noxville took to Twitter to highlight that 3 kills for a team pre-horn is a bizarre occurrence - something that only happened once in the past five TIs.

Combo wombo

We have seen soo many successful combos and booming teamfights with thousands of AOE spells. Boring. Let's take this moment to appreciate a combo that didn't really work out. Entity, in a losing position against beastcoast, attempted one last Meteor Hammer and Song of the Siren combo but by that time, it really meant nothing.


There's just something about having no hesitance that makes you look 100x greater. Arteezy charged to where NothingToSay was last spotted and after a quick scan, quickly popped his Requiem of Souls - cancelling NTS's TP and securing the kill.

A blind spear

Nothing gives you that glorious satisfaction like blindly hitting a target. Yopaj landed a lottery in the trees when his Spear went right through a Phantom Assassin in hiding.

Any last words?

EG is burning hot today with multiple wins on top of a convincing performance. The players are undoubtedly surfing on massive confidence and Abed probably thought that a teeny tiny little BM wouldn't hurt. While Abed was diving PSG.LGD in their base, he made sure to blow a balloon gift before fashionably slashing y's Lich.

Pardon me, it's another EG clip

So EG pulled off multiple fights and pick-offs well but this specific one - this is beautiful. Marci, for the first time in forever, shows the potential of its Shard. Cr1t's Marci tossed Arteezy's Faceless Void to the front, closing the gap between him and a fleeing Slark. Arteezy landed a Chronosphere and killed the pesky fish.

It's calculated

Did Ame really just decide to bait a Reverse Polarity and leave unharmed? Walking out of the scene like a main character walking away from an explosion? It's probably the blonde hair buff.

That is all for Day 1 of TI11 Group Stage! If you have more great moments and plays in mind, let us know!