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How to fix the ‘Can’t move mouse” error in CS2

We can try playing via keyboard, but it’s not easy.

For all the players transitioning over from CS:GO to CS2, there are a few bugs that will impact your experience. One of these issues is a bug or error that does not allow you to move your mouse freely in CS2. Here’s how to fix the ‘Can’t move Mouse’ error in CS2.

How to fix the ‘Can’t move mouse’ error in CS2?

Is CS2 down? (Image via Valve Corporation)
Is CS2 down? (Image via Valve Corporation)

CS:GO is one of the most popular FPS titles in 2023. The game has regularly broken the million mark with players enjoying the simplistic nature of the FPS title. 

But for the thousands (maybe millions?) of players from CS:GO that will start playing CS2, the Can’t Move Mouse error is a frustrating one. This usually happens when players import their config to the new game. A config is basically a player’s settings and can include their crosshair, video settings, resolution, and more.

Fix 1: New Move left and Right commands

The commands in CS:GO were +moveleft and +moveright. However, the commands in CS2 are slightly different. Even though they are more readable, when it comes to existing cfgs, it does cause some problems.

In CS2, the commands to move left and right are +left and +right. To ensure you convert the commands properly, remove any lines that feature +moveright and +moveleft from your cfg file.

Then add these two commands:

bind “a” “+left”

bind “d” “+right”

Fix 2: Two new binds

Add two new binds to ensure your mouse will work in CS2:

bind “MOUSE_X” “yaw”

bind “MOUSE_Y” “pitch”

Save this to your cfg and execute it in the game again. This will fix your ‘can’t move mouse’ problem. 

CS2 features improved graphics and a new sub-tick system. The sub tick system will ensure players can play the game to its optimum depending on their systems. 

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