The Missing Person mission requires you to head to both maps in DMZ mode. Here’s how to complete it quickly.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode has continued to be a favorite thanks to its abundance of missions that provide dynamic gameplay and exciting rewards. This includes the Missing Person mission, one of the most complex you'll run into.

DMZ mode has brought elements of Escape From Tarkov to Warzone 2, having players drop into a map, gather loot, and then extract from the map in one piece to keep the loot. Players looking for a thrill while sneaking around often accept missions that add an extra element to your next drop-in. It's worth it to brave players that want more loot and XP.

The Missing Person mission requires players to locate the driver's note and deliver it to another location — on an entirely different map. Here's how to do it!

How to complete Missing Person mission in DMZ mode

The first step is to find the driver's note. This is actually in Al Mazrah in the Sariff Bay Bath House. Sariff Bay is F7 on the map so mark it and head over. You'll find the bathhouse there. The note is inside a fountain in the bathhouse.

Once you have secured the driver's note, you'll need to safely extract from Al Mazrah. Then you'll head to Ashika Island.

You'll need to locate a stronghold key to access different locations of Ashika Island that are part of this mission. These can be found by purchasing one, looting one off another player, or coming across one as a loot drop when you eliminate an AI enemy.

Take the driver's note to the Apartment Complex, also known as Residential. Inside this building, go to Block B and find Room B7, located on the top floor. Once you're in the room, go to the kitchen counter and place the note down there.

To complete the mission, you'll need to safely exfil from the map or it's all for nothing.

Missing Person mission rewards

The Missing Person mission is from the Legion faction. It's a Tier 3 mission so it may take a bit to unlock it. But once it's unlocked and completed, you'll be rewarded with:

  • 10,000 XP
  • No Loyalty (Calling Card)

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