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Where to get Stronghold Keys in MWII DMZ

Strongholds have some of the best loot in the DMZ. But to access them you’ll need some Stronghold keys, come find out how to get them!

Call of Duty's new game mode DMZ has players completing missions throughout the city of Al Mazrah. The combination of both PVP and PVE gameplay poses a new challenge for CoD players. Throughout the city, there are countless strongholds. Fortified buildings are only accessible with a key and contain not only some great loot for extraction but also a stronghold boss.

Why raid Strongholds?

Before getting into accessing the strongholds, its worth knowing the whole reason as to why you'd venture there in the first place. Essentially, Strongholds contains tons of loot. There are a couple of missions that require you to raid strongholds for rewards outside of the game like calling cards. Despite the good loot you can find, there's only one way in: with Stronghold keys. Raiding strongholds grants randomized loot each match, but here are some common rewards you can find:

  • Three-plate armor vests
  • Lethal and tactical equipment
  • Killstreaks
  • High tier weapons
  • Tons of cash and valuables
(Image via esports.gg)
(Image via esports.gg)

The rewards for raiding strongholds are worth the trouble. The issue tends to be accessing the strongholds. As there typically are dedicated keys to certain locations like the the Police Academy or the keys themselves are hard to get. But don't fret, that's why we are here. It's also worth noting that each stronghold has different objectives within it. The objectives typically tend to be defending a location or eliminating all the enemies inside.

Where to get Stronghold Keys in MWII DMZ?

There are a couple ways to get access to the stronghold keys in DMZ. In total, there are 4 ways to find keycards. The first, and arguably easiest way is purchasing them at buy stations for $5000. The buyable keys tend to be non specific stronghold keys, so you might not be able to access every stronghold with it. Another way to get the keys are mission rewards for both in game missions and faction missions. The last way is as loot. You can be lucky and find some as you explore Al Mazrah, but most likely you'll be finding them from soldiers patrolling near the stronghold, as they can sometimes drop keys.

  • Rewards for faction missions
  • For Purchase at buy stations for $5000
  • In game mission rewards
  • Loot drops from enemies or in Al Mazrah

Once you've acquired a key, depending on the game state, you might not be able to raid the stronghold. But don't fret, as if you extract with the stronghold key, you can bring it with you on your next venture to Al Mazrah. Just be sure to extract safely. This key will have 3 total uses before it breaks, so be sure to use them wisely.

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