New to survival games? Here is how to extract properly in DMZ, the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mode.

DMZ, the newest Call of Duty mode, has been shaking up the gaming world. But it can be a bit tricky for some FPS players to get used to since it’s more Escape From Tarkov than a typical first-person shooter. Extracting, also known as exfiltrating, in DMZ is one of those things that players are confused about. Here’s how to extract in DMZ.

DMZ has players traversing Al Mazrah in hopes of scavenging for an assortment of items, like exclusive weapons. But these items can only be kept permanently if the player manages to escape without getting eliminated by another player. But it’s not as easy as simply outlasting enemies. Here’s how to survive in DMZ and make it out with loot.

How to exfiltrate in DMZ

You have the option to exfiltrate during any point in the match. To exfiltrate, call in a helicopter. After you do this, you need to reach one of the specific points marked on your Tac-Map, identified by an icon of a blue person walking through a door. There are only a handful of these points active at a time and they can only be used once.

“After you use all marked exfil locations, a final exfil point is revealed — this is the last means of escape before the match is over and your escape becomes impossible, as Operators are presumed dead due to becoming MIA,” the official Call of Duty blog explained.

The Drop Dead mission is completable in DMZ

When you call in a helicopter, the point will become marked on the map for all squads to see as well as AI enemies. They will bein to “swarm the area” to prevent you from escaping. You have to survive the incoming waves of AI enemies for 30 seconds or another team will use the helicopter when it arrives.

Run to the ramp on the back of the helicopter and stand inside. This will allow you to leave Al Mazrah, taking your look with you. This includes contraband weapons, which has a base version that can be used in all other MW2 modes. All cash on you will be converted into XP.

At the end of a DMZ match, there will only be one exfiltration point left. The remaining players will have to fight to use it while also avoiding radiation. You’ll have to come prepared for an intense altercation.

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