The Murk camo is one-of-a-kind in MW2. It looks cool but is super difficult to get.

There are special camo rewards on offer for completing certain objectives in Atomgrad Raid Episode 3. The Murk camo is one of those.

What is the Murk camo?

The Murk camo is a secret easter-egg camo in Modern Warfare 2. Players can find the camo in Raid Episode 3. The camo is similar to the Galvanic Camo that is available in the Raid.

The Murk Camo is locked behind a gate that needs a code in MW2.
The Murk Camo is locked behind a gate that needs a code in MW2.

Instead of being black and white, it is more green and blue. It is a dynamic camo that moves around quickly, displaying bright colours to the user.

The objectives to unlock the camo are not given to the player, so you have to find them out for yourself. If you don't have the time or energy to trial-and-error your way through the Raid until you find it, we've got you covered.

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How to unlock the Murk camo

The Murk camo needs specific tasks completed in order to be unlocked. It takes time and dedication to get it. Failing any aspect of the Raid will mean a reset run for the team.

There is a part to the quest in every section of the Raid Episode 3. If you need to know what to do to make it through Atomgrad unscathed, check out our full guide for the mode here.

The elevator section

The first part of the easter egg is right at the beginning of the Raid. In the elevator section of the Raid, there are three stops. On the first stop, players need to hop off the elevator and grab a USB stick which is on a wooden spool.

The moment you collect the USB stick is the moment that you can no longer die or reset your lobby back to the last checkpoint. Doing so will fail the challenge and you will have to start the raid again. Keep the USB safe. We don't need it right now but we will soon.

For the next part, we will have to go down to the next stop on the elevator. Hop off here and go into the room with the saw. On the left there is a valve that can be turned. The other two players in the team need to go down to the next level using parkour skills and find two separate rooms with other valves in.

All three valves need to read the same as the red valve on the far right. When they are in the correct position, a voice line from Farah comes through. She says: "Now I think that did something". If you don't hear that, you've not done it properly.

When that's all done, hop down into the elevator again and go to the bottom of the well. Go through the double doors and collect the first of three notes. It will have a number on it.

The water room puzzle

The next section is one that can cause the whole run to be restarted. The water room. Just like normal, fly through the water room and take out all of the enemies.

Get the power on and generate the standard 15-number list. Instead of starting that and going through the numbers as a team, you need to insert the USB into the desk on the far right of the power platform.

This will spawn in a six-digit code, with a timer starting immediately. The team then have to fill in this code in the same way that you would the 15-number version. You get one chance at this. If you let it slip, then you need to restart the whole raid from the start.

When you complete the number, you need to go back to the power platform and back to the same desk that you put the USB in. There will be the second sheet of paper in the desk, again with a number on it.

Dive underwater

For the final number in the code, you need to play through the final puzzle chamber of the Raid. Complete the puzzle up until the water reaches its highest.

If you're unsure how to do this, check out our guide for the whole Raid here.

When this is done, you need to go back through the tunnel underwater and up to the area you originally came from. There is a new tunnel accessible to you through here.

Climb through and go under the water again. Take the first right in the tunnel and at the end of it will be the last letter that you need. Return to the crane room and it's time to get finished with collecting the Murk camo.

The third code number for the Murk camo is underwater.
The third code number for the Murk camo is underwater.

Collect the Murk camo

After grabbing the third piece of paper, you will have the full code. Come back up into the crane room and finish moving the crane over to the left-hand side.

Jump across to the room with the explosive charges in and enter the code on the console in the corner. The code is the three numbers from the sheets of paper in order of collection. When that is done, the door will open and you can pick an M4 off the wall.

This is where to put the code in for the Murk camo.
This is where to put the code in for the Murk camo.

That M4 will have the Murk camo on it and it will immediately unlock for the player. You can put it back on the wall and let your teammates pick it up so they can unlock it too.

There is no need to stay in the Raid after securing the camo, you can leave immediately. However, it is so close to the end of it that you may as well finish it off and chase down Hadir.

That's all from us on how to collect the Murk camo. Be sure to stick to for all the latest MW2 news and guides.