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How to unlock the Blood Soaked skin for Konig in DMZ mode


The Blood Soaked skin in DMZ mode is brutal, but it’s not too hard to unlock. Just drop into Al Mazrah and complete this mission.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's DMZ mode is continuously a hit with fans of survival games that want to explore the dangerous and lootable Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. The mysterious maps are full of secret, unlockable locations and crates that only add to the tension. Factions also have missions that will reward players with exclusive cosmetics, including the Blood Soaked operator skin.
The Blood Soaked skin for Konig is one of the most desirable in DMZ mode thanks to its intense look. Konig has a bloody rag covering the entirety of their face that clashes with the black helmet and camo outfit. This hardcore look is very unique to Call of Duty, leaving fans desperate to get their hands on it.
To do so, players will need to take on the Legion faction's Tier 4 mission.

How to beat the Poisoned Well Legion faction mission

Each faction in DMZ has their own missions that players can select before dropping in, allowing them to take on objectives that give them exclusive rewards if they can safely extract once it's completed. To get the Blood Soaked skin, you'll need to unlock the Tier 4 mission of the Legion faction, called Poisoned Well.
The Poisoned Well mission is worth 30,000 XP and also gives players the Blood Soaked operator skin. To get this reward, players have to collect six Gas Grenades in one match. After getting these grenades, players have to take them to the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Water Wells.
You can actually start the mission with two Gas Grenades if you build a loadout that already has a Gas Grenade equipped. Then you can equip the Munitions Box for your Field Upgrade, giving you another Gas Grenade. Drop into Al Mazrah.
To find the remaining four, check supply crates and containers all around the map. Finding them is not guaranteed and will take a bit of luck, but they are not too hard to come by.
Once you have all six, make your way to the Zarqwa Hydroelectric and head to the middle of this POI. At this point, you'll probably come across AI enemies guarding the location, so take them down. You'll need to come prepared for some combat. Secure the area and then throw one Gas Grenade into each well — there are six wells total.
After completing this, you'll need to safely extract from Al Mazrah without getting eliminated by a bot or an enemy. If you do so, you'll get the Blood Soaked operator skin, which can be worn in Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and DMZ mode.
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