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How to unlock Crown missions in DMZ mode


Crown missions are here — well, once you unlock them!

Season Two has presented a new start to DMZ players in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. The popular survival game mode got a new map and major gameplay updates. There is also a new faction, Crown. Players are now scrambling to find out how to unlock Crown missions in DMZ mode.

What is Crown in DMZ mode?

In DMZ, there are now four factions that are struggling to take over Al Mazrah. Each faction provides operators with missions to complete ahead of each DMZ match, giving them rewards when completed. You select the missions prior to each match.
The current factions are:
  • Legion
  • White Lotus
  • Black Mouse
  • Crown
You don't have to complete tasks to win a match. You can gather loot and leave as you please. But players that want extra rewards before they exfil will often complete tasks for the factions fighting over Al Mazrah, all of which have their own backstories.

How to unlock Crown missions in DMZ mode

Players looking for weapon blueprints and calling cards will want to complete missions for Crown while exploring Al Mazrah. But how do you access the new faction's missions in DMZ mode?
In order to unlock Crown missions, you need to own Modern Warfare 2.
If you own MW2, you need to complete the final mission of the first tier of missions, which is for White Lotus. The mission is called Stronghold Reacquisition. You'll need to complete five of the six tier-one White Lotus missions to unlock Stronghold Reacquisition.
The tier-one missions are:
  • Make Contact
  • Hostiles Located
  • Cashier
  • Information Seeker
  • Convenience
  • Committed Shopper
You can have up to three missions selected at once, so pick the three that you plan to complete first and head out.

How to beat Stronghold Reacquisition in DMZ

The first thing you need to do is acquire a stronghold key, which is different from the access cards for Building 21. These keys unlock any stronghold in your current deployment and can't be brought with you when you exfil.
To find a stronghold key, kill enemies! Enemies located near a stronghold are the best bet, although these are dropped at random. You can find a stronghold easily by looking for a lock symbol on the tac-map. The second option is to buy a stronghold key at a Buy Station, but this is also at random since the items available are randomized.
Head to a stronghold with the key and you'll find a steel door with a white X painted on it. Once opened, you'll see enemies inside. Eliminate every enemy in the stronghold. You will want to be prepared before jumping in since these enemies are often very strong.
After all the enemies are wiped out, you'll see a folder on the floor. The papers inside are important intel. Once you pick up this folder, the mission is complete! You don't need to exfil to complete the mission, but if you do, you'll keep your loot and earn more XP.
When this mission is complete, you'll be given access to missions for the Crown faction.
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