Red access cards are needed in DMZ mode to get to Building 21. Here is how to find a red access card and what’s behind the red door.

Building 21 has been an interesting new addition to Al Mazrah in DMZ mode and you've probably noticed that there are some blocked off areas within this location. To get into the red door near Office Storage in Building 21, you need a red access card. Here's how to get a red access card and use it in Warzone 2.

Fastest way to get red access cards in DMZ mode

The easiest way to get a red access card is by looting a Supply Drop. For this reason, there is really no guaranteed way to get a red access card since they appear inside a Supply Drop at random. But here's where you will have a chance of grabbing one:

  • Red, Orange, and White Supply Chests
  • Supply Drops
  • Boss Supply Drops
  • SAM Site Drops
  • Enemy Helicopter Supply Cargo

While finding a red access card is random, you can increase your chances with a few strategies in DMZ mode. First, locate the nearest UAV tower on your tac map to see all of the nearby chests and enemies. This will make it easier to loot as many chests as possible.

Capture a Sam Site to get another crate. These crates have a really high chance of dropping a red access card. You can also complete DMZ contracts to obtain additional Supply Drops. Always have a contract active while on the hunt for a red access card.

Always be ready for a Supply Drop. These happen throughout each match in DMZ mode, so be aware of the announcements that show on your screen. When you see one, go to your tac map and look for a yellow box that has guns and a dollar sign. This is where you need to head ASAP.

How to use the red access card in Building 21

Building 21 has an area called Office Storage. The red door near this location is only accessible with the red access card you obtained.

You actually don't have access to your tac map in Building 21. Instead, there are maps inside Building 21 on the walls that will help you find this exact location. It's near the Data Center and Generator Room. If you're using your HUD's compass, it's about S 165-180. Here's how to find the door:

  • Start on the second floor above Garage in the NE corner of the map
  • Turn around and head down the hall through of offices
  • You'll find it halfway through
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

What's in the red door in Building 21?

You'll find some pretty awesome loot in here that will help you survive. This includes orange crates with backpacks, high-tier contraband weapons, and self-revive kits. Some Call of Duty Warzone 2 players have said that the loot is a bit disappointing. But others may find it quite useful if you can pull it off.

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