The DMZ patch notes are here, revealing a lot of gameplay changes and an entirely new location. Here’s how to survive in Season Two.

Season Two of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is bringing a lot of changes to the DMZ game mode. DMZ has continued to prove a popular addition for Warzone players that want a bit of a break from the usual battle royale shenanigans, but many were waiting for some much-needed updates. Now they're finally here, outlined in the DMZ patch notes.

DMZ mode was huge for Warzone 2, inspired by the ever-popular Escape From Tarkov. It brought a lot of interesting updates to Al Mazrah, including dynamic locations like Building 21, and had players feeling tense as they attempted to escape with their gear before they are eliminated and it's gone forever.

In Season Two, players will have their inventory completely reset. Everything they acquired during Season One — contraband weapons, keys, mission progress — is gone and DMZ players have to start over. But it shouldn't be too upsetting since there is a lot of new content to check out as you claw your way out of Al Mazrah once again.

Here are all of the changes in DMZ mode, revealed in the patch notes.

DMZ mode getting new map Ashika Island

One of the biggest changes to DMZ mode is the arrival of Ashika Island, a smaller map full of dynamic and vibrant elements inspired by Japan. Tsuki Castle is the most notable location, a beautiful building that will most definitely become packed with intense close quarters combat.

While the island features a lot of serene-looking locations, there is also the Underground Waterway, a dark and eerie portion of the map that is sure to have players tense.

Read the patch notes: "Players will infiltrate on the shores of the island before making their way inland. Infiltration is under heavy fog that can impact combat by providing cover for both operators and the occupying force: Shadow Company… but what could they be doing here?"

Building 21 updates

Al Mazrah also has many updates, keeping players on their toes. One of the most notable changes was to Building 21. There are going to be new missions in Building 21 and revamped AI enemies to deal with in this area (and all over the map). If you want access to Building 21, you'll need to find the keys randomly hidden throughout Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. They can be found here:

  • SAM Site Crates
  • Chopper Boss Crates
  • Buy Stations
  • Legendary Crates (Orange)

Operators should be prepared for heavy resistance in Building 21; it’s recommended you gear up before heading to this location!

DMZ mode Season 2 reset

The second thing to take note of is the complete reset for Season 2. This includes all progress and weapons have been removed. Missions have also been reset, which includes new missions and updated missions. This has been a bit of a controversial choice on the developer's part but the team explained: "Mission progress in Season One got too difficult, too quickly. With Season Two, we’re making sure each mission’s challenge and time requirements are more balanced."

DMZ mode Season 2 patch notes


New Exclusion Zone

  • Ashika Island
    • New Weapons Case
    • New boss: The Bombmaker
    • New rewards
    • New locked and dangerous spaces

New Faction

  • Crown
    • New Faction Mission set
    • Available to Modern Warfare II owners only

Season Two Reset

  • Faction Mission progress has been reset for Season Two
  • Previously unlocked Insured Weapon slots will remain unlocked
  • Contraband weapon inventories have been reverted to starting weapons
  • Key stashes have been emptied

Mission Refresh

  • New missions have arrived in Season Two for all players, including new missions, updated missions, and some returning missions
  • New mission sets will send players to all 3 Exclusion Zones of DMZ
  • The Key Stash can now hold items for missions so players can transport them across Exclusion Zones to complete objectives


  • Missions
    • Adjusted the overall scaling of difficulty in Missions as the Faction Mission Tiers progress
  • Contracts
    • Secure Intel Contract no longer calls reinforcements to the radio tower
    • The Attack Helicopter in Cargo Contracts will now react faster to the vehicle’s movement while firing, and the Attack Helicopter’s missiles will more accurately hit the operator vehicle when moving slowly
    • The HVTs for “Eliminate HVT contracts” will now drop more rare keys and will sometimes drop stronghold keycards.
  • Enemy Tuning
    • Adjusted lethality of AI across Al Mazrah including number of AI spawning, and the accuracy of AI at range
  • Locations
    • Infiltration locations have been updated in Al Mazrah
    • Dead Drop locations have been updated in Al Mazrah
    • Exfiltration locations have been updated in Al Mazrah
    • Boss locations have been updated in Al Mazrah


  • Plating Improvements
    • Global plating animation speed increased by approximately 25%
    • Movement speed increased while plating
    • Players can now sprint while plating
    • Players can now bust through doors while plating
  • Ping Visibility
    • Each squad member will have a unique color highlighting their name and pings.
  • Interrogation
    • The reveal mechanic has been changed from an orange outline to a red marker to remain consistent with similar mechanics.

Bug fixes in DMZ patch notes

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to pick up an Armor Plate with a full inventory could sometimes cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where players could duplicate weapons in DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the infiltration screen
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t mute their squadmates
  • Fixed an issue where two exfil helicopters could collide
  • Reduced instances of Players becoming stuck on a “downloading instance inventory” message
  • Fixed an issue that would cause two items to be removed from a backpack when trying to remove only one in the pre-game loadout screen
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Players to duplicate Field Upgrades and Killstreaks
  • Fixed some issues that caused obstructed or misaligned loot

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