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How to find blue access cards in CoD Warzone 2 DMZ

Building 21 is a dynamic new location in DMZ mode. To get some exciting loot, you’ll need to find blue access cards.

DMZ has quickly become one of the most popular modes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 thanks to its dynamic gameplay possibilities and the secretive new Al Mazrah location, Building 21. This building is full of many mysterious rooms that require access cards and keys to get in. One thing you'll need is a blue access card. Here's how to get a blue access card and use it in Warzone 2.

Fastest way to get a blue access card in DMZ mode

The most efficient way to get a blue access card is by locating a Supply Drop on the map. Supply Drops have blue and red access cards inside of them but it's all RNG. It's up to chance that the Supply Drop you loot will have a blue access card.

Here are all of the things in DMZ mode that have a chance of revealing a blue access card:

  • Supply Drops
  • Boss Supply Drops
  • Red, Orange, and White Supply Chests
  • Enemy Helicopter Supply Cargo
  • SAM Site Drops

It's unfortunately random if one of these will contain a blue access card but you can up your chances of coming across one with a few strategies.

You want to keep your tac map in mind at all times, since it will allow you locate the nearest UAV tower, revealing the closest chests. Your tac map will also reveal Supply Drop locations once they are announced. You'll want to strategize with your team, figuring out where to go first and when.

You should also always have a contract active in DMZ mode. Completing a contract will get you additional Supply Drops. To activate a contract, locate the contract icon on the map, head to that location, and activate it by interacting with the walkie-talkie.

How to use the blue access card in Building 21

When you get to Building 21, you'll notice that there is no longer access to your tac map. Instead, you need to look at maps throughout the location to figure out where you are and where the blue door is. This blue door can only be opened with a blue access card.

So once you have your blue access card, head to Building 21. Go to the bottom floor, which is underground. The basement is mostly a garage but there's a big data center, which is where you'll find the blue door.

To access the bottom floor, head to the A1 stairwell. Head down to the basement from here and run down the hallway. You'll eventually reach the data center. Opposite of the data center, you'll see a room that has the blue door inside. Head to the left and you'll find it!

What's in the blue door in Building 21?

So is it worth heading to the blue door? Definitely. Once you unlock it with the blue access card, you'll see three Orange Crates. These include backpacks, high-tier contraband weapons, and survival items like self-revive kits. Accessing the blue door early enough will give you an immediate upperhand in most matches.