Ashika Island is full of mysteries and secrets. Players have discovered a rare item called the City Hall Hideout key.

DMZ mode got an entirely new location to explore in Season 2. Ashika Island is a dynamic and vibrant map with a lot of tense areas to sneak around and mysteries to uncover. As players got more used to exploring Ashika Island, they realized that one of the most desirable things to come across is the City Hall Hideout key.

DMZ is a survival game mode that's inspired by Escape From Tarkov. Similar to the OG, DMZ is about searching the map for desirable loot and then extracting with it before you're eliminated by enemy players or AI, which makes you lose everything you found.

Players that want to get their hands on valuable loot have found that one way is to snag the City Hall Hideout key.

How to find the City Hall Hideout key

One of the reasons that this key is so desirable is how rare it is to come across it. It's unfortunately a random drop, meaning nothing will guarantee that you locate it. The best way to find the City Hall Hideout key is to eliminate as many High-Value Targets as you can.

Where to use the City Hall Hideout key

There is actually only one location that requires this key to access it: The Ashika Island Town Hall.

The Ashika Island Town Hall is found in the Town Center location of the island. This is on the western coast. It's pretty easy to spot once you're in the area thanks to its unique architecture, which includes a big circle and wall-to-wall glass windows.

To get into the Town Hall, you need the City Hall Hideout key in your inventory.

This key is also mandatory for a contract by the new Crown faction. The contract is called Whistleblower. It requires you to get into the Town Hall — hence the key — and snatch the Governor's Laptop.

Before you get into the Town Hall, you'll need to fight some armored enemies nearby. Once you get into the building, head to the bottom floor. You'll find the Governor's Laptop on top of a filing cabinet. After you've acquired the laptop, head to the dead drop across the street inside of a dumpster.

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