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How to complete the Pathfinder mission in DMZ mode

Pathfinder is a tier two White Lotus mission in DMZ that’s very challenging to complete. Here’s how to do it fast and easy.

There are now four factions in DMZ with the addition of Crown in Season 2. Each faction has five tiers of missions you can complete for rewards — and some of these missions are tougher than others. One mission that Call of Duty: Warzone players want to complete is the Pathfinder mission.

Pathfinder is a tier two mission for the White Lotus faction. There are three different objectives you'll need to complete to get the reward, all on Al Mazrah. Speedy navigation is part of the mission since you'll need to visit every POI on Al Mazrah in a single extraction!

Pathfinder objectives and preparation

These are the three objectives in the Pathfinder mission:

  1. Head to the Zaya Observatory and loot the GPS tracker in the dumpster dead drop
  2. While carrying the GPS tracker, travel to every POI in Al Mazrah
  3. Extract the GPS tracker

Okay, so part one is traveling to the Zaya Observatory. Before you head to the dumpster, you'll need to take down the AI in the area — and there's a lot so be prepared! Once they're taken care of, grab the GPS tracker from the dumpster dead drop and put it in your backpack.

How to get to every POI in Al Mazrah

The toughest part of the Pathfinder mission is getting to every POI in a single extraction. This means you can't leave the match at all. There are 17 POIs on the map so you'll need to start this mission prepared to travel. Grab a vehicle before heading to Zaya Observatory.

A helicopter is the most ideal mode of transportation so open your Tac-Map once you land and look for a helicopter. Mark it and travel to it before heading to the observatory.

You can find a helicopter at these POIs:

  • Al Malik Airport
  • Akhdar Village
  • Al Safwa Quarry
  • Al Mazrah City
  • Al Bagra Fortress

Before you hop into the 'copter, collect some gas cans to help you fuel your trip around Al Mazrah. The less gas stations you have to stop at the better. If you have teammates, you can get five gas cans to complete the trip without visiting a single gas station.

With the helicopter, you can stay at a height that doesn't allow enemies to easily damage you. Stay at this height while traveling south toward Al Malik Airport. You can hit six POIs this way, including Sariff bay, Al Bagra Fortress, Mawizeh Marshlands, Al Sharim Pass, and Akhdar Village.

Once that's done, head to the west side of Al Mazrah. The remaining POIs are over here. You can continue using the helicopter over here to stay safe. If there is no 'copter available, an ATV is a good alternative but you'll be much more vulnerable. You can't get eliminated while carrying the GPS tracker or you have to start over again next time you start the challenge and drop in to the map.