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Who is the best Apex Legends player?

Ever wonder who the best Apex Legends player is? Join us as we dive into the loaded question and break down who is the best Apex player

In any competitive game whether that be League of Legends, Chess and in this case Apex, the age old question of "who's the best player" always arises. There are tons of factors to consider and are too hard to quantify when it comes to this decision. So, rather than one specific player, we've decided to highlight some of the best Apex players from pub stars to pros.

Factors to consider:

  • There has been no Apex Legends LAN event since 2019
  • Mechanical skill and knowledge are different skill sets
  • Pro ALGS matches and pubs have different meta

That said, we've still managed to highlight some of the best Apex players out there. From pub stars to the kings of ALGS. Here are our picks for the best Apex Legends Player.

Apex's best Pub stars

The Best Apex Legends Players in the pub scene

Brandon "Aceu" Winn

Twitch / Twitter

Nationality: American
Status: Retired CS:GO and Apex Pro, currently a streamer for NRG

Brandon "Aceu" Winn has been around since the start of Apex and has become one of the best Apex players out there. Back in his competitive days, he alongside his teammates help build the NRG name in Apex.

With top placements in ton of the early LAN events of Apex, Aceu had become a fan favorite player. Then in 2020, Aceu left competitive Apex to pursue his booming streaming career. His flashy plays, god-like movement and fun attitude made him one of the most successful Apex streamers out there.

Aceu has been widely regarded as one of the best players out there in both mechanical skill and game knowledge. However as Aceu sticks to pubs, its hard to compare his against pro-players. Especially since he hasn't played in a tournament since 2020. However, it is undeniable that Aceu is one of the best mechanical players and pub stars in Apex right now.


Twitch / Twitter

Nationality: American
Status: Retired Apex Pro, currently a streamer

iiTzTimmy has been on quite the rise sicne his amazing feat of solo queueing from bronze to predator rank in only 54 hours. Since his epic feat, his already big viewership increased exponentially and he gained the respect of the Apex community worldwide. In his streams, we see iiTzTimmy showcase his skills in all levels of play and his sheer dominance on pathfinder. Coincidentally, Timmy is Aceu's half brother, so maybe Apex just runs in their family.

On top of his amazing acheivement of completing the solo to predator run, Timmy also holds some other records. He's also had the best damage record in all of apex, with a 9069 damage Horizon game (however that has recently been thwarted). His skills are without doubt some of the best in the scene as only a select few are able to pull off the same feats as iiTzTimmy

The Kings of ALGS

The Best Apex Legends Players in the competitive scene

On the other side of things, there are the professionals of Apex, who play at the highest level of the game. The pros and pub stars play seemingly different versions of Apex, as the stakes have never been higher. Again, there are tons of factors that are outside mechanical skill in determining who the best player is. So, we've compiled a list of some of the best pros of Apex.


Nationality: Russian
Status: Currently plays for Gambit Esports

It's no suprise that Konstantin "Hardecki" Kozlov has made it on this list. He's seemingly the king of the EMEA region, pulling off plays left right and center against the best of the best. He consistently dominates during ALGS matches with high kill and high placement games. Additionally, he was selected as the winner of the top slayer of the EMEA region award in the Esports.gg Apex Awards. This category was stacked, with other EMEA legends such as Alliance's Hakis and Fire Beaver's Taskmast33r. However, Hardecki came out on top due to his superior mechanical and game knowledge.


Twitter / Twitch

Nationality: American-Vietnamese
Status: Currently plays for NRG

On the NA side of things is NRG's Nafen. The young American player for one of NA's best teams has been playing competitive Apex since 2019 and has become one of NA's best. A finalist for the best slayer in NA at the Esports.gg Apex Awards, Nafen has done more than prove himself on the big stage. From placing 2nd in the NA ALGS 2021 Pro League Split 1 to winning the ALGS Winter Circuit playoffs in 2021.

Only 20 years old, NRG's young gun has made himself one of the best slayers out there in the region. Even when his house in on fire, nothing will stop Nafen.



Nationality: Turkish-Australian
Status: Currently plays for Reignite

Arguably one of the best controller players out there, Noyan "Genburten" Ozkose has become one of the most feared players in the APAC South region. The APAC South regions are typically overlooked when compared to Apex's NA and EMEA regions, but the name Genburten still strikes fear into all players.

There are few as skilled on a controller than Genburten. His decision making and teamplay with his fellow teammates on Reignite have landed them wins in the APAC ALGS 2021 Pro League Split 1, and a 4th placement in the Nickmercs Gautlet


Twitter / Youtube

Nationality: South Korean
Status: Currently plays for FAV gaming

New to the scene is Aimbot. This Korean player has been on a massacre in Korean lobbies and the ALGS APAC North region. He even has earned the respect of Gambit's very own Hardecki and other pros alike. Many have claimed that his raw skill matches EMEA's champion Hardecki.

However, in the recent Chōmetsu Apex tournament that featured the two, Hardecki came out on top. Regardless,, he's started off 2022 with back to back 2nd places in tournaments and is making quite the splash in the Apex Pro Scene. A strong contender for Best Apex Legends player.


Twitter / Twitch

Nationality: American
Status: Currently plays for TSM

Last but certainly not least is TSM's iconic Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen. Its absolutely no surprise whatsoever that he's on this list and is regarded of one of NA's finest. His consistency in Apex is something to strive towards. ImperialHal's mechanical skill and game knowledge to his leadership skills have lead Hal and TSM to new heights in the Apex pro scene.

Very few teams in NA have had similar levels of success than TSM's ImperialHal. On top of his professional career and various awards, he's also the winner of Esports.gg's Best IGL NA as well as a finalist for the best Slayer NA.

Hopefully Apex Legends will successfully return to LAN in 2022, allowing us to know for sure who is the Best Apex Legends player in the world.