Vantage can be a real nuisance. Go on… you know you want too.

Vantage is one of the most unique legends in the Apex games. She ticks a lot of boxes. She has a movement ability (sort of), can scan Survey Beacons, provides information and has a built in sniper rifle as her ultimate.

However, some would argue Vantage is a jack of all trades but a master of none. She has struggled in pick rate for several seasons. Yet, a good Vantage can be an absolute nuisance to her enemies and cause some serious damage.

Excited to be a nuisance? Our Apex Legends Vantage guide will teach you how.

Vantage screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Vantage screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Vantage guide: What makes Vantage a good legend?

The versatility that Vantage provides is fundamentally her strength. She has a powerful and well equipped Sniper as her Ultimate, this allows you to carry mid and close range weapons. Thanks to this, Vantage can have a weapon for every situation.

The information she gathers also lets you react to the situation around you. You'll be knowledgeable and able to take or avoid fights thanks to information on legend picks and armour levels.


  • Vantage can gather information on enemy legends and armour levels.
  • Her Sniper Ultimate lets you have a very versatile loadout covering all ranges.
  • Vantage can escape from danger with her tactical ability.


  • None of her abilities are game changing.
  • Her Ultimate requires much more skill than the average Ultimate in the game.
  • Her movement ability is outshined, and can be tracked fairly easily.
Echo Relocation (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Echo Relocation (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Vantage Tactical:

  • Position your winged companion Echo and then Launch toward him. Must have line of sight for Echo to launch.
  • The launch animation takes 1 second. It can be initiated from any position, but will fail if Vantage doesn't have line of sight to Echo at the end of the animation.
  • Upon reaching Echo, you can double jump to boost yourself in any direction, yielding an extra 20 metres of horizontal distance.

Echo Relocation is Vantages answer to a movement ability. She can deploy her winged Bat companion (that is adorable!), and then leap towards him. She can also perform a jump mid air, giving her some extra height. It does take a while to launch and Echo has to be located. If you go too far away from him, he will follow you.

Echo Relocation screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Echo Relocation screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Echo Relocation:

Tip #1:

What to do with Echo is a bit of a risk and reward calculation. Echo is highly visible when he's deployed. Your little Bat friend has an orange glow to him, much like Crypto's drone does. So, don't leave him out right?

Well, having him deployed allows you to make a much quicker escape. You can pre-plan your exit by carefully positioning Echo.

Tip #2:

It's also important, if you want to leave Echo deployed, to constantly be aware and maneuver him as you rotate around the map. He can be positioned while you move around the map, so always try and keep him in a handy position. This lets you escape quickly.

Tip #3:

Some players see that Vantage has a movement ability and instantly treat her like a Wraith or a Pathfinder in terms of being able to hit a quick escape. The arc of movement that Vantage sends Echo on is far more vulnerable than Pathfinder.

This means that you can't really frontline on Vantage. Hanging back is actually extra powerful thanks to her Snipers Mark Ultimate as well!

Spotter's Lens (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Spotter's Lens (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Vantage Passive:

  • Aim down sights to scout with your eyepiece (unarmed or with mid- to long-range scopes) and use a bullet drop indicator to see where your shots will land.
  • Vantage can scope in unarmed, providing a 3x zoom and activating the effect.
  • When an enemy is within the large blue rectangle, a smaller rectangle appears to indicate the targeted enemy. The bullet drop indicator then activates and the interface displays the Legend's name, their distance from the player and the tier of all their teammates' Evo Shields.
  • Pinging the targeted enemy will report that particular enemy's armor type and how many players are alive in their squad.
  • The maximum range enemies can be picked up from depends on the current zoom level of the optic:
    • 175m for 2x
    • 200m for 3x
    • 250m for 4x
    • 450m for 8x
  • Can spot enemies through some degree of visual obstruction, like windows or leaves.

Vantage's Spotted Lense is a great way to aim more accurately and gather information on your opponents.

Spotter's Lens screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Spotter's Lens screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Spotter's Lens

Tip #1:

The information that you can gather via Vantage's Spotters Lene can help you make smart choices in game. You can tell if a player is a full three stack, a duo or a rat. You can also decide if you can 'loot check' them, because you have significantly better armors. If you're triple red armors and you see a team still has blues or whites, that becomes a much easier engagement for you to take.

Tip #2:

You can ping enemies from much further away with this passive. Usually, you have to have your crosshair right over an enemy to ping them. With this ability if they are highlighted, simply pressing ping will reveal the information to your team even if your crosshair isn't over them. This allows for much faster tracking.

Tip #3:

The Spotters Lens cannot be used while sprinting. Using it will force you into a jog. However, it can be used effectively while your weapons are holstered, while you're sliding, on a zipline, or in the game. This means while you are moving around, constantly taking glances around can help you gather information.

Snipers' Mark (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Snipers' Mark (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Vantage Ultimate:

  • Use your custom sniper rifle to mark enemy targets which applies a damage bonus for you and your team.
  • Gains 1 round for every 20% ultimate charge. Sniper's Mark can be used whenever there is at least 1 round available.
  • Takes 40 seconds to gain 1 round (2.5% of a bullet per second) and a total of 4 minutes to acquire the maximum 6 rounds.
  • Comes with custom 3x-8x optic (toggle by "run" button). This will also work with Vantage's passive.
  • While aiming down sights on Sniper's Mark, a laser will come out from the rifle that is visible to both your enemies (in orange) and teammates (in blue).
  • On hit, deals 50 base damage, with a 1.5× headshot multiplier, and marks the enemy for 10 seconds.
  • Mark applies a +15% damage vulnerability from all sources. Stacks with other damage modifiers, such as Rampart's Amped Cover.

The Snipers Mark is a modified Sentinel that has a powerful optic, deals significant damage and marks enemies. This can allow you to tag and single out specific enemies so your team can deal extra damage. The ability operates like any sniper, and therefore does require you to hit your shots.

Snipers' Mark screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Snipers' Mark screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Tips for Snipers' Mark:

Tip #1:

It's important to consider the impact of the laser on this rifle. This is the biggest difference between this weapon and the basic snipers in the game. It's not all negative though, the laser carries a bit of a fear factor.

You can apply pressure on your enemies and perhaps even deter them from making a specific rotation by aiming at them. The laser means they know you're aiming in their direction. Of course, it could also give away your position. Think carefully on what is best for you in each specific situation.

Tip #2:

The Snipers Mark is a very effective sniper. Snipers in Apex Legends are often weaker as the game goes on, ammo hungry and can leave you feeling caught out in the mid or close range engagements that are more common. This means you don't need to carry a sniper as Vantage as you always have one in your pocket. Try to take mid and close range weapons instead, leaving you ready for all types of engagement.

Tip #3:

The damage boost that you and your teammates get when someone is marked can help you isolate and focus the enemy you want to eliminate first. Be it an annoying or impactful legend like Conduit or Bangalore. Perhaps it is a Lifeline who could revive any of the other squad members. Pick your targets and call out who to focus as a team.

Vantage in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Vantage in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Apex Legends Vantage guide: What legends work well with Vantage?

Vantage is a very flexible legend thanks to her wide ranging kit. She isn't a super broken legend, but she can hang with any playstyle reasonably well. She is also self sustaining, pairing well with pretty much any legend.

Aggressive Playstyles:

Simply, these are some of the best aggressive legends in the game. Vantage's flexible kit lets her work well with almost anyone.

Passive Playstyles:

Again, these are strong legends for this playstyle in general. Conduit is possibly the strongest legend in the game for any fights and she can help your team stay healthy and on the move.

Vantage screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Vantage screenshot (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Vantage can be a fun legend to play. Her sniper can let you hit some insane shots, and you can really focus on playing smart and hitting clips. While it is true that she does not excel in any one particular scenario, she can still be a strong legend to use.

Thanks for checking out our Apex Legends Vantage guide.

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