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The most Toxic Combos of all-time in Apex Legends

It’s time to reminisce on old strategies and toxic legend combos that gained infamy and led to ridiculous games and deaths.

As Apex celebrates it's fifth year anniversary, it's quite inspiring to look back and see how the roster of legends has expanded. Throughout Apex's history, form time to time, there have been moments or combinations where legends have been considered toxic.

However nowadays, as Apex enters it's fifth year, there isn't one particular Legend that's toxic. So instead, let's take a trip down memory lane and talk about Legends that were toxic to apex at one point or another.

Rev-Tane Duos

Season 4 - Revenant's Debut

To bring back horrifying memories was the arguably most toxic Legend in Apex, was the Rev-Tane combo. Before Revenant got his massive rework that made him a pub stomping murder robot, Revenant had an entirely different set of abilities. His former ultimate ability was Death Totem. Players who interacted with the totem would become shadows. Shadows were granted a second life should they die, returning to the Totem.

Revenant's old Death Totem ability
Revenant's old Death Totem ability

The concept of the ability was that players would have a "free push" against other squads. However, the range and Shadow Health was incredibly low, which is why Revenant wasn’t used. However this would soon change as the devs wanted to buff Revenant. So, they removed the range of the totem while including an audio cue being played when the totem was summoned.

The Toxic Rev-Tane Strategy

With the buffs to Totem, a devious strategy developed called Rev-Tane. In the legend select team, players would pick the toxic duo of Revenant and Octane. Right before entering a fight, both Revenant and Octane would use their ultimates.

The team would jump pad into a fight as shadows and push for free at no cost. If they were killed while in the shadow form, they would just be sent back to the totem to jump pad back in. So it’s essentially like an entire new squad pushing after the first. So imagine fighting the same squad twice with little to no break in between.

The toxic Crypto strategies over the years

Now at first glance, Crypto is one of the most harmless legends in Apex. However, there was a couple times where he was the most Toxic Apex Legend. Around early 2020, there was a unique interaction between Crypto's Drone and Arc Stars. For the same reason you can't stick your teammates with arc stars, there was a time where Crypto's drone had the same immunity.

So, what Toxic Apex players would do on this legend would stick an ally Crypto Drone and fly it into another squad. Their very own homing grenade. And if the previous Harbingers event taught us anything about homing projectiles, it's that they are insanely strong. Because the Crypto Drone wouldn't take any damage, and this was pre-Arc Star nerfs, the stun and damage of the explosion was hefty.

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The toxic Crypto-Rampart combo of Apex Season 6

On the topic of toxic Legends in Apex, we can't skip over the Crypto-Rampart strategy. For a brief time, Rampart players could attach their Sheila turret to Crypto's drone. This made for quite the toxic legend combination in Apex.

As you would look to the skies and hear a Sheila flying at you and winding up. Countless players used and abused this strategy before the dev's put out a hotfix. Regardless, despite the terror it would bring players, it was funny to see several Ramparts on turrets flying around and having battles in the air, Star Wars style.

Original Wraith and Marble Goddess Wraith

Wraith has come a long way since the early days of Apex. Although she isn't toxic by definition, there were a couple times where Wraith had a bit of an unfair advantage. In the early days of Apex Wraith had a completely unique running animation, which made her harder to hit. Coupled with her old Into the Void ability, which was instant and had a 20 second cooldown, Wraith was painful to take out. The old days of Wraith really had her on a different level than all the other legends.

On the topic of Wraith, we can't forget about the time she was practically invincible. Back in Season Five, during the Lost Treasures event, a bunch of new skins and the Mobile Respawn Beacon were introduced. In this event, Wraith received a new skin. This new skin called Marble Goddess was a fresh take on Wraith. White and gold encasing her body making her look straight out of the Greek Pantheon.

There was a small issue with the skin however. While equipped, the skin altered Wraith's hitbox to be significantly smaller than it actually was. This made her unfairly toxic to play against when your bullets seem to want to avoid damaging the marble. So suffice to say, Wraiths ran rampant, all dawning the skin. However thankfully, the Devs patched the error pretty soon after, so it wasn't too bad.

Post Launch Seer in Apex Season 10

Last but certainly not least in Seer. Specifically post launch Seer. This version of Seer is a completely different legend than the Seer of Season 19. Although the abilities are all the same, they worked differently.

His tactical used to deal damage, blind you, had a loud burst of audio, interrupted any heals or revives AND give Seer sight on you. On top of that, Seer's passive was a lot more sensitive, making him a wall-banging threat that you couldn't escape from.

At the current moment, as Apex enters it's fifth year the game is in quite the balanced spot. At least in terms of legend toxicity. However, with the release of any new legend, the door for toxic strategies can creep up quite easily. We'll just have to find out.

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