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Apex TTK Spreadsheet for Season 10 – Know your weapons cover image

Apex TTK Spreadsheet for Season 10 – Know your weapons

With the new season of Apex, Bears Say Meow has given us the list of TTK and Damage of the Apex arsenal. We are here to break down the stats!

*UPDATE* New season Apex TTK spreadsheet now available

You are currently viewing the Apex TTK spreadsheet for the previous season 10. The Apex Spreadsheet has been updated for Season 11 released on November 2nd.
You can find the updated Apex TTK spreadsheet info for Season 11 here.

Who is Bears Say Meow?

Bears Say Meow
Bears Say Meow
The Reddit famous Bears Say Meow has been around Apex since the game launched. He consistently gets to Predator rank every season whether it be on Xbox where he started or on PC where he plays now. Bears is most well known from his Reddit posts that include the infamous Wattson portal trap and making the Apex TTK spreadsheets for the past 6 seasons.
Bears also holds a record for most kills in a Apex game, however it was during the Shadow fall event (If you're curious how many kills, it was 55) .
We teamed up with him for his Season 10 Apex Time-to-Kill guide, putting his mined data into graphics that will hopefully please the eye. For those who still love to comb through all the stats you can find them below. For those who want a more bite size delivery, we've got you covered as well.

Some Disclaimers on Apex TTK stats

Before we dive into the stats, there is some background information that we need to cover for the Apex TTK list. First is that the statistics were gathered by counting frames at 120FPS. Then, the footage was then counted frame by frame to figure out the most accurate Time to Kill (TTK) possible. The stats in each image are assuming the target is wearing Purple Armour (200HP) and a white helmet.


Stats assume the target is wearing purple armour and a white helmet
Stats assume the target is wearing purple armour and a white helmet
This season the 3 Pistol weapons got a buff. As we mention in our Season 10 patch notes break down, all pistols got a buff to the handling time. This buff does not affect the damage or Apex TTK, but the shorter handling times can definitely help in the process of shooting.

Light Machine Guns

With season 10 all the light machine guns got a slight nerf to their Head Shot multiplier. From 2 to 1.75 times the damage of the bullet. This nerf changes the TTK in several of the LMGs. However, with the updates to the L-Star and inclusion of the Rampage, LMG's are quite popular.


The Spitfire rotated into the care package, and so to buff it Respawn reverted it to its season 8 stats. In season 10 the Spitfire does 30 Head Shot damage and 19 Body Shot damage. In comparison to Season 9, the new Spitfire has higher Body Shot damage and a lower Body Shot TTK. The Body Shot TTK has lowered around 0.10 seconds. With 7 shots to the head or 11 shots to the body and a easy to manage recoil pattern, the Spitfire is a menace this season.


Season 10 reworked the L-Star, which we go over in our Season 10 Patch notes breakdown. With the new changes, the L-Star's damage and TTK has changed. The L-Star's Head Shot damage was reduced to 29, and thus the TTK has increased. However, the damage decrease only affects the TTK of targets with white or blue armor (150 or 175 HP).


The newest inclusion in the Apex arsenal of weapons is the Rampage. Rampart's finest creation is a Heavy ammo LMG that fires every 0.200 seconds and has a damage of 39 per Head Shot and 28 per Body Shot. This makes the Rampage the most powerful fully automatic gun in the game. However, it has the slowest Apex TTK of any Light Machine Gun.
To balance the slow TTK, you can "Rev Up" the Rampage, increasing its rate of fire to 0.158 seconds. This temporary buff makes it one of the fastest killing guns at 100 HP, and one of the stronger guns in the game. Right up next to the R99 and Flatline.


Lastly the Devotion has also had a slight change in Head Shot damage from 29 to 26 per shot. As a result, the TTK has changed however, only at 200 HP and 225 HP marks (purple and red armors).

Sub Machine Guns

The next group of guns are the Sub Machine Guns. The R99 and Volt received no changes in the new season. But, after a long wait the Prowler has returned to ground loot and the Alternator has taken its place in the care package. The Prowler now has an increased the time between burst by 0.04 seconds. This does not affect it significantly, only increasing the TTK by 0.08.
On the other hand, the Alternator was given a massive buff though as it took the Prowler's place. It was given the vaulted Disruptor Rounds hop up. This Hop-up gives bullets extra damage depending on if the enemy has shields or not. When you shoot at an enemy with shield, it does 30 damage to the head and 22 Body Shot damage.
Update 10th August 2021:

Respawn Entertainment tweaked the damage of the Prowler, making it deal 14 instead of 15 damage for a body shot. More information can be found here:

Assault Rifles and Marksmen Weapons

All the weapons in these classes did not get changed with the new season, and so there is not much to mention. The Flatline remains at the top for best Assault rifle due to its low TTK and high damage to both head and body.
On the Marksmen side, the Triple Take takes the cake to nobody's surprise. But in terms of a non-care packaged weapon, there is no definitive "best". The Bocek does crazy amounts of damage, but you need to fully charge the bow. The G7 has the lowest Apex TTK, but also does the lowest damage and the 30-30 is somewhere in between of both.
However, at the end of the day I believe that it's comfort over meta. No matter how good a weapon is, if you can't utilize it and take advantage of its build then you won't get the most out of it. Play what feels comfortable, and grow from there.

Want the full Time to Kill stats? We got you covered

To view the full spreadsheet click here!
Big shoutout to Bears for collaborating with Esports.GG for the TTK Spreadsheet. If you'd like to see more guides or news, checking our Apex News section.
Nate "Bears say Meow" Hacksworth
Nate "Bears say Meow" Hacksworth
Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, SEO Manager, SEO Editor
Nate, better known as Bears Say Meow or l3earr, is an Apex Legends community figure well known for his TTK Spreadsheet posts on Reddit, as well as for the Wattson portal trap and for holding the record for most kills in an Apex Game (55). He is currently working at a State Hospital in the Operating Room, so does not have as much time to play Apex as he would like. He soon hopes to return to action!