Apex TTK Spreadsheet for Season 11 by Bears Say Meow cover image

Apex TTK Spreadsheet for Season 11 by Bears Say Meow

Bears Say Meow and Esports.gg have partnered again to work on Season 11’s TTK list! Join us as we break down the changes to Apex’s arsenal.

As season 11 is well on its way with its phenomenal debut, Bears Say Meow has put out his famous Time to Kill or Apex TTK spreadsheet for the community of all the weapons in the game. In season 10 Esports.gg partnered with Bears to publish the season 10 TTK spreadsheet, and we are back again for season 11!

However, there hasn't been many changes to the weapons across the seasons. So, we've highlighted the changes to the Apex TTK and new weapons. So if you don't see your favorite gun here, then just refer to last season's TTK list!

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Apex TTK and Weapon changes in the new season!

The care package swap of the Triple take and the G7 Scout

Season 11 features the return of the infamous long range energy marksmen: the Triple Take. With a 1.75 headshot multiplier, low projectile drop and great damage at 69 to the body and 111 to the head, the Triple Take is easily becoming a menace in Stormpoint.

When firing against a 200 HP target (purple armor, white helmet), it only takes 3 shots to knock a player with the Triple Take. Its nice to see the Triple Take return to its former glory as the unique marksman rifle that it is.

As the Triple Take moved out of the care package, another Marksmen class weapon took its place. In season 11, the G7 Scout has taken its place in the package. With the move, the marksmen rifle got not only was given a damage increase, but its old hop up option, the double tap.

The G7 now hits for 36 and 65 to the body and head respectively. Although the damage is low, the double tap typically leads to the second shot hitting on top of the already fast fire rate of the weapon. Regardless, it takes around 6 shots to the body or 4 to the head to knock an enemy with purple armor (and a white helmet).

The menace of Season 10, the L-Star

Last season, the L-Star was a menace, with great stats all around. However, respawn had slightly nerfed the energy LMG. Due to the nerfs, it takes one more shot to hit to knock someone from blue armor and up. Thus by extension, there is a slightly longer TTK for the LMG. However, that shouldn't deter you from using it, as the L-Star is still a great weapon.

The Titanfall 2 favorite, the C.A.R. SMG

The newest addition to Apex's arsenal has made a great debut. As a great option in between the R99 and Volt, the C.A.R combines the best of both worlds. With 18 headshot damage and 13 body shot damage, the C.A.R. is a great option with its fast fire rate and ammo versatility.

What makes this new SMG truly shine is its combination of the stats of the R99 and Volt. The C.A.R. is around 2 bullets below the R99 and 2 above the Volt in terms of shots to kill at purple armor and 1 bullet at lower levels.

Rampart's very own Sheila's TTK in Apex

Our last addition to the Apex TTK list is quite unique, in that it is Rampart's minigun Sheila. For all the Rampart mains out there, Bears Say Meow and Esports.gg are here for you.

The Sheila Minigun does 22 damage to the head and 14 to the body. While it has a same damage profile to the R301, Sheila's fire rate is absurd. This fire rate makes the TTK for the minigun insanely fast.

For example, while the R301 takes around 1.02 seconds to knock someone in purple armor with body shots, it takes Sheila 0.73 seconds. Although it is a high cooldown ultimate, Sheila has the fastest body shot TTK out of all the weapons on the list.

TLDR on Sheila:

  • 22 damage to the Head
  • 14 damage to the Body
  • Deals same damage as the R301 but has a lower TTK (0.73 vs 1.02 seconds)

The unchanged Assault Rifles

In Season 11, the Assault Rifle class weapons haven't been changed from their season 10 stats. Regardless, here are the stats for each of the kings of mid range combat, the Assault Rifles!

And that's it! Those are the few changes to the weapons in Season 11. The low changes mean that most weapons are on the same playing field, which makes Apex all the more interesting. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg!

To view the full Apex TTK Spreadsheet click here.

Who is Bears Say Meow, creator of the Apex TTK spreadsheet

The Reddit famous Bears Say Meow has been around Apex since the game launched. He consistently gets to Predator rank every season whether it be on Xbox where he started or on PC where he plays now. Bears is most well known from his Reddit posts that include the infamous Wattson portal trap and making the Apex TTK spreadsheets for the past 7 seasons.

Bears also holds a record for most kills in a Apex game, however it was during the Shadow fall event (If you're curious how many kills, it was 55).