After an exciting week of playoffs, we thought we’d give you all some breathing room by giving you our thoughts on Jenkins’ recent hairstyle he’s had on panel

Andrew "Jenkins" Jenkins. What can you say about the man? A true Dota talent staple. Every year his antics make us laugh and complement our enjoyment of the game of Dota. and this year, he has blessed us with few different hairstyles which we have taken upon ourselves to rank for your enjoyment. Did anyone ask us to do this? No. Are we gonna do it anyway? Absolutely!

4. The Man-Bun

The Manbun Jenkins Hairstyle
The Manbun Jenkins Hairstyle

We try to enjoy all of Jenkins' hairstyles but I think this is probably the worst of the looks at the playoffs. The hipster bun is maligned for a reason. Although it can work for some people, this doesn't fit Jenkins unhinged style for me. He looks like he's gonna come up to you at coffee house and ask you what your favorite Tame Impala song is. I'm just trying to watch TI Jenkins I don't want to talk about your favorite bands.

3. The Notail Braids

Do you think we don't see what you're doing? When Johan "Notail" Sudenstein paneled during the last TI, he wore a very similar hairstyle to this. Is Jenkins clout chasing here? Does he think that this will win him points with the OG fans, their numbers in the millions? Is it just a coincidence? Any of these questions could be plausible. In all honestly the look actually isn't that bad I think it works for Jenkins.

2. The Classic Jenkins Long Hair

You can't go wrong with a classic. For many of the years that we've watched Jenkins on the panel, he's had that traditional long hair that gives us an insight into his personality. Slightly unhinged, his mind warped my the Dota gods and cursed with eldritch knowledge. The long hair just looks good on him, it's really that simple when you get down to it. Though the hair may change, we remember the way that the long hair has blessed us all and helped us improve in our own Dota games.

1. The Bun Braids

Only one hairstyle has stood above the rest. Though we love the classics, it doesn't hurt to spice things up with something new! These braids helped us understand a different side of Jenkins. the softer side that gives us whimsy and imagination. A side that says that you should try to not to grief your games with Pudge (although this patch he's pretty good). A side that says you shouldn't try to make your opponent rage quit. Though we know the inner working of his mind house only darkness, this image of Jenkins fills us with hope for a better world. A better Dota.

We hope you've enjoyed this piece for a little fun before the final bloodbath. Which hairstyle did you like the best. has regularly updated TI11 livescore coverage. The TI11 playoffs are taking place in two parts and the final two days will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

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