Zenless Zone Zero is the latest title in the Hoyoverse – but exactly how many players have downloaded this game?

Zenless Zone Zero is miHoYo's newest gacha RPG that delivers a vastly unique concept and aesthetics. If you have lingered on the internet for a while, you may have noticed that Zenless Zone Zero (also called ZZZ), trended at its launch on July 4. But exactly how popular is miHoYo's newest project? Let's take a look at how many people play ZZZ, Zenless Zone Zero below!

How many people play ZZZ? (July 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero has more than 50 million downloads. On July 6, two days after release, miHoYo confirmed that ZZZ has accumulated more than 50 million downloads worldwide across all available platforms.

Before its official launch, Zenless Zone Zero had about two years of a "Closed Beta Test" phase which helped promote the game and gain feedback. The new gacha title gradually built its hype. On top of its unique gameplay and high-quality animations, Zenless Zone Zero had the backing of miHoYo's repute, making it even more highly-anticipated.

Only two days after release, ZZZ reached the 50 million downloads milestone. The game's popularity will only increase from here and we will make sure to update this article when a new milestone is achieved.

How does it compare to other gacha games?

MiHoYo's first prominent game, Genshin Impact, accumulated about 17 million downloads after a week of release. But after a meteoric rise, the game now has more than 200 million lifetime downloads. The second popular hit, Honkai Star Rail, achieved 20 million downloads on its first day of release. Early this year, HSR surpassed more than 100 million total downloads. With 50 million downloads in the first three days of release, Zenless Zone Zero is already a smashing hit.

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