XDefiant is a free-to-play title, which means there will be microtransactions, but Ubisoft assures us nothing is pay-to-win.

In a short, but sweet informational blog post, Ubisoft laid out the details of XDefiant's microtransactions, with a promise that they are not pay-to-win.

Everything you can purchase in XDefiant will be strictly cosmetic in nature, and if not, there will be a way for players to unlock it for free.

Ubisoft's in-game purchase philosophy for microtransactions in XDefiant

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

XDefiant arrives with its Preseason before launching into a seasonal cadence full of new content at each turn. The Preseason will have its own content, however, such as a Battle Pass and even a new Faction to unlock right away.

Ubisoft has made a promise that there are plenty of free rewards for players to enjoy. XDefiant is free-to-play and will make its money through microtransactions, but the focus of those will be on customization.

Here's the type of content they have laid out you may be able to purchase:

  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Character cosmetics
  • Weapon cosmetics
  • Faction unlocks
  • Player Card Backgrounds
  • Player animations
  • Emoji packs

No pay-to-win in XDefiant

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Ubisoft plans to evaluate its microtransaction process for XDefiant over time, but they state there will never be pay-to-win scenarios. Everything that impacts gameplay can be unlocked through other means if you don't want to purchase it.

One example is the DedSec Faction. You can outright buy the Faction to unlock it or earn 700,000 XP as part of an in-game challenge. Other than that, they've mentioned a few of the ways you can get free rewards in return for your time:

  • Free Battle Pass Rewards
  • Daily and Weekly In-Game Challenges
  • Ubisoft Connect Challenges
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Twitch Drops, Giveaways, and In-Game Events

So, it appears there will be a free track on the Battle Pass. As well, a challenge system is in place to reward you for completing those daily and weekly tasks like so many other games do.

"Our goal is to be providing amazing customization options that reward all of the matches, victories, and even defeats that you put into the game. As you play that one more match, all of your time and energy will work towards unlocking content either through the Battle Pass or challenges."

- Ubisoft

With the praise already pouring in for their stance on Skill-Based Matchmaking, it is great to hear they are putting unlockables behind challenges, much like VALORANT does with its new Agents. You won't have to pay for anything if you don't want to. You just have to play.

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