Is XDefiant accessible for free?

XDefiant is Ubisoft's next title set to launch end of this May! Touted as Call of Duty's potential threat, many are eyeing this highly-anticipated release. With the hype building up, a lot of players are also wondering - is XDefiant free-to-play?

Is XDefiant free-to-play?

XDefiant will be free-to-play across all available platforms. You can access the game without any form of payment. For console players, this also means that you don't need Xbox Game Pass Core (Gold) or Playstation Plus to play XDefiant.

But like many other free-to-play games, XDefiant will have microtransactions. This includes in-game payment for shop bundles and battle passes. It is also revealed that loot boxes will not be released during XDefiant's launch and may come in future updates.

A less familiar territory for Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on sale for $17.99.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on sale for $17.99.

XDefiant being free-to-play is a fairly new move by Ubisoft. Its other titles like Assassin's Creed and games under the Tom Clancy's universe majority require payment to play. This is however not surprising with a lot of games picking up the free-to-play trend, making it accessible for all players across different platforms.

More about XDefiant

XDefiant is arriving in two more weeks. Gear up your keyboards or consoles because it'll be one of the biggest game launches this year!

XDefiant will feature characters from multiple Ubisoft titles, mainly the Tom Clancy series. Many who experienced the closed beta test compares the game to Call of Duty and deems it a potential threat to the CoD franchise. Read more about the game's information below:

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