XDefiant Season 1 has a new set of Twitch Drops available, which you can earn simply by watching your favorite streamer.

The first season of XDefiant is here. It brings a new Faction, new weapons, ranked mode, and so much more. Of course, if you're favorite streamer is playing the game, you can watch along for some rewards. XDefiant Season 1 delivers a whole new set of Twitch Drops.

There are seven total drop rewards you can earn within the first month of Season 1. We've got you covered on what they are and how to get them.

XDefiant Season 1 Twitch Drops

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

The most important thing to note are that the Twitch Drops for XDefiant Season 1 are only available until July 30, 2024. After that, these specific ones will be no more, but Ubisoft will probably add some others eventually.

The next important detail is that not every streamer will grant you every reward. So, you might as well watch a partnered Ubisoft creator in order to kill two birds with one stone, as they say. That will net you all of the watch time Twitch Drops in one place.

All XDefiant Streamers

There are three Twitch Drops that anyone streaming XDefiant Season 1 can offer you:

  • Battle Pass XP Booster - Watch 1 Hour
  • Avalanche Weapon Skin SVD - Watch 3 Hours
  • Shamrock Weapon Skin M870 - Watch 5 Hours

Partner Drops

Three additional Twitch Drops are available, but only through watching partnered Ubisoft streamers:

  • Extraction Weapon Skin RPK-74 - Watch 1 Hour
  • Extraction Character Skin Kaptan - Watch 3 Hours
  • Extraction Character Skin Stark - Watch 5 Hours

XDefiant Season 1 Twitch Quest

The last Twitch Drop available with XDefiant Season 1 is through a quest, and not earned by simply watching:

  • Viral Character Skin Green - Gift 2 Subscriptions

How do Twitch Drops work?

If you want to add some of these rewards to your XDefiant collection and aren't sure how Twitch Drops work, look no further. It is very simple.

  1. Watch any eligible stream for the different sets of drops
  2. After the time has elapsed, click your username at the top right
  3. Select Drops & Rewards
  4. Choose to claim the drops you have earned
  5. Load into XDefiant to obtain them

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