WoW The War Within pre-order opens, reveals Epic Edition cover image

WoW The War Within pre-order opens, reveals Epic Edition

Revealed today at BlizzCon, WoW’s next expansion The War Within is now available for pre-order. Take a look at the goods available.

Today's earth-shattering World of Warcraft announcements wouldn't be complete without pre-orders. Revealed today during the BlizzCon opening ceremony, the first part of the upcoming WorldSoul Saga now has its first bits of info. Players can now hit that World of Warcraft The War Within pre-order today, and along with it snag the snazzy Epic Edition.

Or, you know, just the base version if you're not obsessed like we are.

The big bundle includes a number of nifty, new items. Oh, and subscription time. Which is great, as you'll definitely need it.

Pre-orders go live

The shop page for The War Within pre-orders is already active, meaning you can immediately get in on the goods. As an added bonus, pre-ordering The War Within will also score you a free copy of Dragonflight. A great deal if you missed out on the most recent World of Warcraft expansion.

If you're wondering what's included in the various editions then let's run it down one time.

What is included with The War Within pre-order?

While all three editions of The War Within will net you the game, the three price points all offer various bonuses. The base edition comes in at $49.99 and includes a level 70 character boost, a copy of Dragonflight, as well as 500 Trader's Tender. Meanwhile, the $69.99 USD Heroic Edition includes all of that, plus our old friend, the Algarian Stormrider mount and transmog set.

Meanwhile, the War Within Epic Edition pre-order scores all of that, plus beta access, three days of early access for launch day, 30 days of game time, Squally the Storm Hatchling pet, the Sandbox Storm Gryphon toy, and the Deepdweller's Earthen Hearthstone effect.

You can get your in-game items right now by pre-ordering. Otherwise, prepare to wait until the beginning of 2024 when WoW The War Within launches.

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