Revealed in a massive announcement by Chris Metzen, the WoW WorldSoul Saga entails the next three expansions, including The War Within.

In case you were curious as to why BlizzCon feels especially tuned towards World of Warcraft this year, we now know why. Revealed today during the opening ceremony by returning Creative Director Chris Metzen is the WoW WorldSoul Saga. A collection of the next three expansions for World of Warcraft, it looks to close the door on the game's story for the past twenty years while also opening the door to the next twenty.

Let's take a look at what surely is the biggest announcement in World of Warcraft history.

The WoW WorldSoul Saga - The War Within

"Time by itself heals nothing" says Thrall to King Anduin. The cinematic for the WoW WorldSoul Saga and its first chapter, The War Within, sets a grim stage. That stage is getting darker, as the story of the first expansion in the WorldSoul Saga takes us deep into the ground. The Nerubian race returns, now under the command of Xal'Atath, first harbinger of the Void Lords.

Hope you aren't afraid to 'delve' into the dark.

One of the many new zones include Azj-Kahet, the underground kingdom of the Nerubian race. However, that's not all, as other new zones such as the Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, and Hallowfall await players. In addition to this, a new dungeon-crawling mode called Delves will challenge players, as well as unite their alternate characters. This new Warband feature will allow cross-character sharing of transmogs, items, banks, crafting materials, and more.

And you'll be more incentivized than ever in the first part of the WoW WorldSoul Saga to make new characters, as Hero Talents allow further specification of your favorite class. Want to be a Dark Ranger? A See? The War Within WoW expansion will allow even further customization of your character than ever before.

Allied Races, Hero Talents, and more

In addition to all of that, The War Within also adds the Earthen as an Allied Race. While not quite 'Tall Dwarves', these original Titanforged creatures shrugged off the Curse of the Flesh and remain as once originally designed--and ready to fight the growing darkness.

All of this and more is coming when The War Within, the first part of the WoW WorldSoul Saga begins in 2024.

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