WoW 2024 roadmap reveals War Within patch dates, new Heritage armors cover image

WoW 2024 roadmap reveals War Within patch dates, new Heritage armors

Blizzard revealed the WoW 2024 roadmap for retail today, highlighting release windows for The War Within and three more DF patch updates.

Blizzard revealed today the WoW 2024 roadmap that leads into the release of its next expansion. Shown today in a blog update, the 2024 roadmap hides a number of nice surprises for both short-term, upcoming content and the long road towards the WorldSoul Saga.

This includes a return of Fated Raids, another season of Mythic+ for Dragonflight, and a big ole mystery patch labelled 10.2.6. Something involving pirates? I don't know, but I need to know. Let's look at the long road to the War Within.

WoW 2024 roadmap: Heritage, Dark Hearts

In modern World of Warcraft, you’re going to see three more content updates for Dragonflight arriving before World of Warcraft: The War Within releases next year," says WoW Executive Producer Holly Longdale. " In these updates, we’ll be wrapping up the story for this expansion and laying the foundation for our next one."

Part of this foundation in the WoW 2024 roadmap includes three more patch updates in the Dragonflight cycle. We already know about the 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal patch. However, the two mysteries with the most intrigue include 10.2.6 and its pirate flag logo. What could this be? Is it possible that the rumors of boats and pirate transmog content fits in here? Who knows! I don't.

Meanwhile, the march towards The War Within kicks off in earnest almost immediately. An alpha and beta period for the expansion will come much sooner than expected, with the content itself releasing in full at late summer.

The first major content update for The War Within will coincide with the 20th anniversary of WoW. That is... Boy, I do not want to think about having played this game for 20 years. While I have an existential crisis, take a look at the larger WoW 2024 roadmap.

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