Your demon dreams become reality! Learn how to unlock the Eredar Draenei race customizations in WoW and complete the Seeing Red quest.

The time has arrived. Added to the live servers yesterday as part of a questline, players now have the chance to make an Eredar Draenei. The demonic race of servants from the planet Argus, it's been a long time coming for the chance to play as a character that looks a cool demon goat. And we're here to tell you how to unlock Eredar as a customization option by finishing the Seeing Red WoW quest.

Luckily, it's a straightforward questline that will take the player back to Argus. As an added bonus, you'll also unlock a transmog vendor with a number of Draenei-centric weapon transmogs.

Here's the questline for how to unlock the Eredar in WoW!

How to unlock Eredar WoW customizations for Draenei

The Prophecy Stirs questline that begins how to unlock Eredar WoW customizations will pop automatically or picked up near Stormwind Keep or The Barracks in the Valley of Honor of Orgrimmar. In it, you'll be summoned to the Vindicaar on Argus, with an item hitting your inventory for an automatic teleport.

The Seeing Red WoW Quest

Here, you'll speak to Prophet Velen about an old topic: The Broken Draenei joining fold.

Prophet Velen says: In the time that has passed, Hatuun and his people have continued to reclaim Argus from the Legion. Perhaps he has made progress.
Prophet Velen says: Let Romuul know when you are ready to depart.
Grand Artificer Romuul says: Confirming beacon coordinates...
Grand Artificer Romuul says: Beacon locked. Initiating transport to Argus. Good luck, <Player>.

You'll be tasked with talking to and helping an Eeredar leader called Arzal'kal, who is looking for a new path for his people. We'll leave the spoilers for in-game, but just follow the questline through its end.

Some of the Draenei weapon transmogs. Credit: WoWHead
Some of the Draenei weapon transmogs. Credit: WoWHead

Upon completion, you'll receive the toy Mirror of Humility, which transforms your look into an Eredar for 30 minutes. You'll also unlock an NPPC vendor named Gaal back at the encampment where the quest how how to unlock Eredar began. The transmogs include:

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