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Guardians of the Dream: What to know about WoW’s next update

The Guardians of the Dream update announced by Blizzard today includes an iconic location as a new zone, a new raid, and more.

The World of Warcraft content train just keeps chugging along. The next stop on it's journey will take players into the beloved and mythologized Emerald Dream as a new zone, along with a nine-boss raid and other new content. The Guardians of the Dream update will hit the PTR soon, with a release later in the fall.

The reveal came today from Blizzard and promises the biggest exploration of the iconic Emerald Dream to date. One of the true white whales and unseen frontiers of WoW, the Emerald Dream has been a rumored zone for as long as the game has existed.

What version of it will we see in-game? Let's find out.

What's in the Guardians of the Dream WoW update?

If you weren't aware, the Dragonflight expansion has been going some strange places. The Void and the Emerald Dream stand as some of the biggest out of left field pieces. And yet, the Guardian of the Dream content will include a new zone in the Emerald Dream, a new raid atop the World Tree of Amirdrassil, a new legendary weapon, and more.

A special seed, planted by Tyrande, has grown into a new World Tree and is on the verge of crossing over into Azeroth. Fyrakk and his forces, including his new allies—the Druids of the Flame, move among the roots of the World Tree, inflaming the Dream denizens as they attempt to tear into the Emerald Dream to infuse the heart of the World Tree with fire and use it as a conduit to spread eternal flames throughout Azeroth.

<em>The Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope raid. Credit: Blizzard</em>
The Amirdrassil, The Dream's Hope raid. Credit: Blizzard

The new raid will see the champions of Azeroth finally take on the Primalist Fyrakk as he attempts to burninate the burgeoning World Tree. The raid includes nine bosses, including a Dragonriding encounter--the first of its kind. In addition to all that, we'll also be getting stuff like new Blood Elf customization options in Guardians of the Dream.

And, hey: We love to see it.

The update will be on the PTR soon enough, so keep an eye open. And while it's a far cry from the rumored Emerald Dream expansion long ago that was going to include housing, we suppose it's better than nothing.

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