World First Ragnaros kill on official Classic hardcore goes flawlessly with no player deaths cover image

World First Ragnaros kill on official Classic hardcore goes flawlessly with no player deaths

40 characters entered and 40 left alive as the ruler of the Molten Core was defeated on WoW Classic hardcore.

World of Warcraft’s official Classic Hardcore realms have only been live for just over two weeks, but already one of the game’s most infamous challenges has been toppled, as the World First Ragnaros kill on official Hardcore servers was recorded. The Alliance guild Frontier, on the Defias Pillager server, recorded the kill late on September 4, as per a post on the r/classicwow subreddit.

But perhaps the most impressive feat was that in a hardcore environment with perma-death, no raiders died and no one griefed. All 40 raiders entered Molten Core, and all 40 raiders left alive.

No easy task to defeat Hardcore Ragnaros

(Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
(Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

“But Classic is easy” we hear you cry. “Molten core is simple, and if you die to Ragnaros you are just bad at the game.” Granted. This is almost 20-year-old content. It’s been solved for longer than some of the players have been alive. But when you consider how many people die in the average dungeon just forgetting simple mechanics, stealing aggro off tanks, not getting healed, or something else, this is a truly monumental achievement. 

What’s more, we’re firmly in the territory where griefing could happen. A month ago, 34 characters were killed in Naxxramas 40-man on an unofficial hardcore server when a tank griefed the raid on Four Horsemen. By moving Sir Zeliek close to the main party, his ability, Holy Wrath, was able to hit the majority of the group. Holy Wrath increases in damage by 50% each time it jumps to a different player, hence the huge number of deaths.

A grief in Molten Core is a bit harder, especially on Ragnaros, as it would likely have to come from a Healer just not healing up after Wrath of Ragnaros or something. But it could have happened. Instead, under the watchful eyes of raid leader Ahmpy, Ragnaros was defeated and everyone lived. What’s more it seems like the guild got some great drops.

And that’s actually a little disappointing. Part of the fun of WoW hardcore for the observer has been seeing all the deaths. Seeing players die in hilarious and often unfortunate ways. A little part of us wanted to see the world first Ragnaros in Hardcore end in some kind of 37-death pyrrhic victory where the raid lead has to somberly apologize for letting the group down. But for those sadists among us, we’re sure we’ll get to watch some hardcore Molten Core wipes in the future!

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