As VALORANT’s next LAN draws closer, we have our first two participants. Vision Strikers and F4Q will represent Korea at the big event.

Masters Berlin is only a month away. It’s the ending event of Stage 3, exactly like Masters Reykjavik was for Stage 2. It offers a huge amount of VCT points, and, more importantly, it’s another international LAN where teams have a chance to be the best in the world. As of today, we know the first two teams that will be taking part. Vision Strikers and F4Q are the top two coming out of Korea, and will be contesting for the title.

Vision Strikers’ superteam finally pays off

For those unfamiliar with Vision Strikers, they’re the biggest name in the Korean VALORANT scene. Ever since the game began, they were dominant. The roster of Rb-glow-Zest-k1Ng-stax demolished Asia – they wouldn’t lose a single series until mid-April 2021.

Vision Strikers celebrate after winning the first map of their Stage 3 quarterfinals match against GOnGO Prince. Image credit: Riot Games Korea.

Stage 2, though, was a disappointment. After that first-ever loss – coincidentally to F4Q – they’d lose again to NUTURN in the semifinals. NUTURN would go on to place 3rd in Iceland, while VS lost out on the first ever international LAN after dominating for so long.

They made changes for Stage 3. IGL glow retired and Zest went on leave, while they brought in NUTURN star Kim “Lakia” Jong-min, as well as Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul and Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan. They were billed as a superteam. Despite some group stage struggles, they found their form in playoffs, dispatching GOnGO Prince with ease. Going against TNL Esports for a Berlin spot looked like a challenge – TNL were very on form. But they made it look easy, with a 2-0 win.

They’ll come in as Korea’s biggest threat and a favourite to at least reach the finals. Watch for VS to make a big splash internationally.

A streamer team makes it to Berlin

F4Q are one of the most interesting squads in Korea. The project began in 2020, simply as a way for some big content creators to add to their Youtube highlight reels. With a roster changing every tournament, and no real organization behind them, they were decent for a while. Giving Vision Strikers their first ever loss, though, really put this team on the map. By Stage 3, they’d amassed some serious skill, and outplayed teams with massive organizations behind them to get through to the big LAN.

FiveK looks on during F4Q’s Stage 3 quarterfinal match against GochuGaru. Image credit: Riot Games Korea.

The team is led by former Overwatch League pros Chae “Bunny” Joon-hyuk and Kim “zunba” Joon-hyuk, as well as powerhouse fragger Yoo “FiveK” Sung-min. Coming up against a tough DWG KIA roster in the semifinals, it was a close match, with multiple games going to overtime. In the end, though, they took the 2-1 win.

F4Q have become known in the international community for some unorthodox strategies, and Bunny’s signature blast-packing Judge. While they’re not the powerhouse favourites that Vision Strikers are, they can certainly steal games off the best teams in the world.

Most teams will be decided for Masters Berlin next weekend – including North America. The Berlin LAN begins on September 9th.

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